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Those Places Thursday: Union Station, Little Rock, AR

Union Station
Then, 1905-1915

Union Station used to be a very important part of transportation in Arkansas.

When I was a kid, my grandmother, Louise Herrington, took me for a ride on an Amtrak train. We only hit a couple of the whistle stops before going back to Arkadelphia, but I thought we were big stuff...
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I should have said this before, but your 'Then & Now' photos are pretty damn cool.
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Arizona celebrates their centennial in 2012. (notice how I still say 'their' even after nine years here) There have been a few Then & now slide shows on the local websites. I wish to could stand on the exact spot with my laptop. I suppose I could if I REALLY had to.

And you reminded me I have to set up a photobucket account one of these days so i can post pics to DW.
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It's really, really easy to find those spots again with GPS...
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I'm guessing I can find them the old fashoined way.