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Those Places Thursday: Union Station, Little Rock, AR

Union Station
Then, 1905-1915

Union Station used to be a very important part of transportation in Arkansas.

When I was a kid, my grandmother, Louise Herrington, took me for a ride on an Amtrak train. We only hit a couple of the whistle stops before going back to Arkadelphia, but I thought we were big stuff...

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Dee, I think it's absolutely amazing that Little Rock has allowed this building to continue to stand. So many cities tear down their beautiful old buildings then build ugly new ones. Though they've made some changes, I think they've maintained its integrity. It's beautiful in both photos. Also, I'm impressed with the clarity of the first photo. I was certain it was a new one in black and white -- until I saw the horses and buggies.
Nancy from My Ancestors and Me
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I should have said this before, but your 'Then & Now' photos are pretty damn cool.
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Arizona celebrates their centennial in 2012. (notice how I still say 'their' even after nine years here) There have been a few Then & now slide shows on the local websites. I wish to could stand on the exact spot with my laptop. I suppose I could if I REALLY had to.

And you reminded me I have to set up a photobucket account one of these days so i can post pics to DW.
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It's really, really easy to find those spots again with GPS...
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I'm guessing I can find them the old fashoined way.