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I don't have many occasions to make this, but today, I did it just for fun.

I didn't have a pie shell, but that's okay, because this is also the base for pretty much any kind of pudding you want. You can also use it for the cooked pudding part of banana pudding, just pour it over your vanilla wafers and sliced bananas and then chill.

And it's an older recipe, so it doesn't fill a deep dish pie shell. Prick the bottom and brown your pie shell before filling, because you don't bake it.

2/3 sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 heaping tbsp flour
2 2/3 cup milk
3 egg yolks

2 tsp butter or margarine (she used butter)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Combine sugar, egg yolks, flour and salt in the top of a double boiler. Stir in milk (I usually start with stirring in 2/3 cup pf milk to smooth out all the lumps, then add the rest).

Heat on low, stir constantly. Bring to a boil, cook until thick. (This was the part where I always asked, how much longer do I have to stir? She'd come over and look in the pan, then look at me and say, Stir some more...)

Remove from heat.

Add butter and vanilla.

Refrigerate until set.

And close that refrigerator icebox door. We can't afford to cool the whole house, you know...


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