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2011-10-01 07:32 am
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What a find!

Genealogybank sends me monthly update newsletters.

If you also get the email and haven't read it, you are missing a gem. This month's email issue has a wonderful story, The Saga of Josephine Ormsby.
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2011-10-01 08:04 am
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I can't comment on any of the Blogger blogs this week...

In any identity - Google, Dreamwidth or anonymous...

And I had so much to say to several of you...
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2011-10-01 08:14 am
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Sepia Saturday: From the pages of Good Housekeeping, Jan 1919

Kat and Alan's theme for this week came from an old magazine.

So here is a Campbell's soup ad from page 79 of the January 1919 issue.

As you can see, Campbell's tomato soup kept the troops healthy..


This is a Sepia Saturday post. Cruise over there for a look at more vintage photos.