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At the age of 3?

Rooting around on the internet to see if I could find any evidence in historic records to back up the claim in the 1937 letter by William Andrew Burris that his grandfather, William Burris, was indentured as a boy, and lost track of his parents when his master moved west to Tennessee.

So I ran across transcriptions of early court records from Virginia - because we don't know for sure whether William came from North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia.

And this batch of pages was particularly chilling to me...These records are from 1793.

[Page number](215) George Curtis, aged 11 in May next, and John Curtis, aged about 8, to be bound.
(215) Isham Burk, orphan of Isham Burk, deceased, supposed to be over 14, to be bound.
(223) Following to be bound out: Jane Ross, 6 years old March 6th next; Daniel Caphart, 4 years old 13th of May next; Dinah Hunter (daughter of Elizabeth Hunter), 3 years old 3d of this month.
[Emphasis supplied.]
(259-261) Selina Devine, aged 14 the 7th of this March, to be bound to William Armstrong.
(261) Sarah Devine, aged 10 the 9th of this November, 1792, to be bound to Thomas Shanklin. William Rice to be bound to Isaac Ong. James Wilson, aged 13 the 2d January last, to be bound to John Price. Lucy Wilson, aged 8 the 29th December last, to be bound to John Price.
(291) Benj. McCorkle, aged 12 years the 23d August next, son of Mary McCorkle, to be bound to Robert Mays.
(292) John Diddle, 16 years old in August next, to be bound to Andrew Cutler to learn art and mystery of a saddler.

There are more.

But these were heartbreaking to me...


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