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2011-07-26 08:00 pm

Wednesday's Child: Oak Grove Cemetery, Morrilton, Conway Co., AR

C C McDaniel, 10 Mar 1913 - 30 May 1913
Opal Irene McDaniel, 19 Oct 1911 - 10 Dec 1911
Jewel Blankenship, 10 Feb 1909 - 13 Apr 1911

These children are not related to me.


Just makes me want to cry.
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2011-06-22 01:36 pm

Wednesday's Child: Ruth Chapin, buried 27 Oct 1892

Somewhere along the way, I met a Parrish cousin online - I forget now how exactly it happened.

She shared some Parrish family photos, including one of my great-great grandmother Eada Belle Parrish, mother of my great grandmother Hattie Belle Chapin.

She also gave me a bit of information I was unaware of - Eada had another daughter, Ruth, who died as a child.

It was when I started nosing around in records for Evergreen Cemetery in Fort Scott, Bourbon County, KS, that I found little Ruth's grave documented. She was buried in the same plot as her paternal grandparents, Elizabeth Harris and Nathaniel F Chapin, on 27 Oct 1892. There was no date of birth for her in the records, but her parents married on 24 Dec 1885, so she was probably the younger sister of my great-grandma, who was born on 26 May 1887.

Some time, I'll have to go to Fort Scott.
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2011-05-10 07:07 pm

Wednesday's Child: Burris children buried in St Joe Cemetery, Pope Co., AR

Arkie Lucille Burris, daughter of George W and Mary M Burris

Ella Rea Burris, daughter of George W and Mary M Burris

Infant son of George W and Mary M Burris

Ocie Myrtis Burris, daughter of George W and Mary M Burris

Clarence C Burris, son of John Sherman and Mitti Belle Burris

Infant daughter of John Eddie and Amanda Caroline Burris

Infant son of John Eddie and Amanda Caroline Burris
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2011-03-22 06:42 pm

Wednesday's Child: Eaton

No photo.

This death notice has bothered me ever since I found it while scrolling through microfilm at the Arkansas History Commission a couple of weekends ago.

The article appeared in the Southern Standard on 17 Feb 1877.



A six year-old son of Dr. A. R. Eaton, of Elizabeth, N S, committed suicide, on Saturday, by shooting himself in the breast. It seems the little fellow has been despondent during the last few weeks, owing to the death of a sister, who had been his constant companion, and on more than one occasion threatened to kill himself. His parents endeavoured to cheer him and divert his thoughts, but to their efforts he replied that he wanted to be an angel and live with his little sister. On Saturday morning his mother chided him for something, whereupon he went away apparently much affected. Shortly after this Mrs. Eaton heard the report of a pistol, and rushing up the stairs was met by her son, who pointed to the bullet wound in his breast, said "Don't cry, mamma: I won't die; the bullet didn't hit my heart." He retained his consciousness until the bullet was extracted, when he died. - Boston Globe
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2011-02-23 06:52 am

Wednesday's Child: William R Noonkester

This one was sitting off by itself when I went hunting one of my distant cousin's stones.

There are other people buried around him, but none share his surname.

William R Noonkester, 24 May 1905-24 Dec 1918

Photo taken at Sandlin Cemetery, Ola, Yell Co., AR.
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2010-11-30 05:23 pm

Wednesday's Child: Benjamin Scott McGehee

It was there by itself.

A child's stone, which over time was wrapped in the shelter of the roots of a tree.

I couldn't find the grave of S A McGehee, his mother. His father's grave was several feet away.

Benjamin Scott McGehee, 25 Mar 1862-29 Apr 1862
Crooked Bayou Cemetery, McGehee, Desha County, AR
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2010-11-23 05:20 pm

Wednesday's Child: The Brannon Twins

Fay Latrell and his brother Ray Cornell Brannon.

They were born in 1943. Fay died first, on August 25. Ray followed three days later.

I try to imagine how their parents, John and Delila Brannon, must have felt. Delila was only 18 years old herself.


The babies share a stone in Tate Cemetery in Pope Co., AR.
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2010-11-16 05:57 pm

Wednesday's Child: Thurman Burris (1910-1927)

I never knew him. I never knew his parents, George Washington and Frances Margaret (Young) Burris.

But in my mind's eye, I can almost picture 17 year old Thurman Burris valiantly trying to save his parents from the flood waters in The Great Flood of 1927, when the mighty Mississippi overran her banks and breached levees in states all long the river.

Newspapers all over the country carried coverage of the flooding, including this bit in the 17 Apr 1927 Aberdeen (SD) American News, which ironically is the only obit I can find for Thurman:

Angry Mississippi Storms at Levees
...Here and there the sweeping waters claimed additional lives and tonight the death toll stood at eleven for the week. Seven deaths were reported today. Thurman Burris 17, was drowned at Atkins, Ark., while trying to rescue his father and mother...

If someone knows if and where he was buried, please let me know.
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2010-11-10 05:02 am

Wednesday's Child: Arkie Lucille and Ocie Myrtis Burris

Ocie Myrtis and Arkie Lucille Burris, about 1904

Arkie and Ocie, about 1909

They were the two youngest daughters of my great-grandparents, George Washington and Mary Mathilda (Wharton) Burris. Arkie Lucille was born on 26 Jan 1899 and Ocie Myrtis was born on 14 Mar 1901.

I've never seen a photo of one of them where the other wasn't present. Perhaps because they were the youngest, they were always dressed up in the cutest little dresses when they posed for their photos.

Ocie died first, on 12 Oct 1910, of malaria.

Arkie died from burns from an exploding lamp of wood alcohol on 4 Jun 1913. The local paper reported on her death.

Three Persons Badly Burned at Appleton: Ernest Burris and Baby and Miss Arky Burris Painfully Injured by Exploding Lamp

News reached the city last night that Ernest Burris, rural mail carrier at Appleton, had been badly burned by an exploding lamp, and a few minutes later his father, Geo W Burris, Homer Burris, a brother, accompanied by Dr C J Ross, were speeding in an auto to the home of the injured man. They returned this morning and reported all the injured persons as doing as well as could be expected, and that all will recover unless unexpected complications arise.

They report that Mr Burris was filling an alcohol lamp when the bottle of wood alcohol exploded. Arky, the fourteen year old daughter of Postmaster Burris, who was visiting the family of her brother, was standing near, and her clothing ignited. She ran outdoors and around the house, being painfully burned about the body from the waist up and her arms before the flames were extinguished by her brother and others who came to the rescue. Mr Burris received painful burns on the hands in extinguishing the flames. His baby's clothing was also ignited and she was painfully burned.

None of the injured were burned about the face, Miss Burris' burns being mostly in the back, and on her arms when she threw her hands to the back of her head to protect her head from the flames at her back. Mr Burris' hands are a solid mass of blisters and deep burns and he will be unable to work for some time.

Miss Burris Died From Burns Received Monday - Injuries at First Not Thought Serious Results in Death This Morning

A telephone message at noon today brought news of the death of Miss Arky Burris, fourteen year old daughter of Postmaster Geo W Burris, at the home of her brother at Appleton, where she was burned by an exploding lamp or bottle of wood alcohol Monday night.

At the time of going to press yesterday, her injuries were not considered serious and the physicians expressed the belief that she would recover. She grew worse, however, and early this morning it was stated there was little hope for her recovery.

Both Mr and Mrs Burris were at her bedside, and the entire family have the sympathy of many friends throughout the county. She will be laid to rest at St Joe Cemetery near Appleton Thursday morning at 11 o'clock.
(Source: Russellville Democrat Courier, 5 Jun 1913)

I leave tokens on Arkie's and Ocie's findagrave memorials frequently.