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2013-08-04 07:13 am

Sunday's Obituary

There may or may not have been an obituary for John Donald Burris. He died the day before his fourth birthday in Lubbock, TX of laryngeal diphtheria. He was the son of Ira Herbert Burris and Etta Minnie Price.

I found his death certificate while researching the children and grandchildren of William Andrew Burris and Maria Isabell Wharton.

 photo JohnDonaldBurrisdeathcert.jpg
Laryngeal diphtheria can cause a membrane to form in the throat, cutting off the supply of oxygen. That's why this death certificate notes that John Burris had a tracheotomy.

The combination diphtheria and tetanus toxoids for pediatric use was first licensed in the U.S. in 1947 - too late to have saved John Donald Burris.

He was buried in Becton Cemetery, in Lubbock County, TX.
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2012-03-11 08:41 am

Sunday's Obituary: Josiah H Shinn and Mildred Williams Shinn

Josiah H Shinn Dies in Washington
Former Arkansan Had produced Many Historical Volumes

(From the Gazette's Correspondent)
Washington, Sept. 3 - Josiah H Shinn, aged 68, an employee at the capitol and known throughout the country as a writer of history, died yesterday at his home, 624 Rock Creek Church road.

He was born in Russellville, Ark., March 29, 1849. He wrote for the Arkansas Gazette and Southern School Journal. He established the first chautauquas in Arkansas.

Among his books and pamphlets were, "The South in Public Education," "Illustrated Arkansas," "History of American People," "Education in Arkansas," "Russia at the World's Fair," "English and Russian."

He was registrar for the Arkansas S A R from 1892 to 1894. He was a member of the American Institute in 1894, and an honorary member of the Pennsylvania and West Virginia historical societies. His history on "Education in Arkansas" was published by the government.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mildred C Shinn, and a son, Joe L Shinn. The body was sent to Russellville tonight.

Published on Tuesday, 4 Sep 1917, in the Arkansas Gazette
Mrs. J H Shinn Dies at Home in Washington, D C
Mrs. Minnie C Shinn, aged 78, widow of Josiah H Shinn, formerly of Little Rock, died at her home in Washington, D C early Thursday. The late Mr. Shinn was superintendent of public instruction in Arkansas from 1890 to 1894. He and Mrs. Shinn moved to Washington about 1902 when he accepted a government position.

He was the author of many historical works. He was a native of Russellville, Pope county, and met Mrs. Shinn at her home in Kentucky after he studied law in Cincinnati, O.

Their home was at Russellville and Magnolia, where he was the principal of schools in those cities and they moved to Little Rock when he was appointed to a position in the state Department of Education before his election as superintendent.

Mrs. Shinn was born at Bridgeport, Ky. Mr. Shinn died in 1917. Their son made his home with his mother until his death two years ago. Mrs. Shinn visited in Little Rock last spring. She is survived by one brother, J D Williams, 2310 Ringo street. Funeral arrangements will be announced by P H Ruebel & Co.

Published on Wednesday, 17 Feb 1932, in the Arkansas Gazette

Mrs. J H Shinn
Funeral services for Mrs. Minnie C Shinn, widow of Josiah H Shinn, who died at her home in Washington, D C, Tuesday, will be held at 10:30 Saturday morning at the chapel of P H Ruebel & Co. The body will arrive in Little Rock early today. Funeral services will be in charge of the Rev. J H Fuller. Pallbearers will be: Active - C H Williams, P M Williams, J D Williams, Jr., and Vernon Shinn, of Little Rock, and Eugene Shinn of Russellville, all nephews of Mrs. Shinn; honorary - Henry Martin, G DeMatt Henderson, Tom Howland, Clio Harper, H A Bowman, S J Beauchamp, Arthur E Lee, Martin Critz and D R Fones. Burial will be in Roselawn Memorial Park.
Published on Saturday, 20 Feb 1932, in the Arkansas Gazette
Josiah Shinn, wife Minnie, and son Joseph R L.
Photo circa 1886.
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2012-02-05 08:38 am

Sunday's Obituary: Katherine Leah Williams, 1899-1904

A Bright Little Spirit Called

It is not often such a sad and unpleasant duty falls to the average newspaperman as confronts the writer of these lines, announcing the death of Little Miss Catherine Leah Williams, the pretty, vivacious and beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs JD Williams, which took place at their home Thursday December 8th, 1904, as the result of croup. To the bereaved father, mother and brothers, of whose life she was the pride and joy; to her little playmates and friends to whom she was so true our heart's sympathy is full to overflowing. Catherine will not pass this way again, her sweet voice is stilled; the busy little hands are folded, but she was of this life so sweet a part that her memory will remain.

The funeral service took place from the Christian church at 3 o'clock pm, Elder C C Cline of Little Rock and Dr Geo. W Harkey of this city officiating. The church had been most beautifully decorated with evergreens and potted plants, while the floral offerings were far more expressive of the tenderness felt for the departed one, her father, mother and brothers than we have words to portray. The attendance was limited only by the capacity of the house to accommodate those seeking admission. Followed by a long procession those precious remains were borne to the city cemetery and laid in the silent tomb, mid the glorious loveliness of a December day.

This lock of hair was attached with a straight pin to the page in the Bible where the obituary was glued.


Katherine Leah Williams
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2012-01-01 08:18 am

Sunday's Obituary: Maxie Leah (Meek) Williams, 1869-1955

Mrs. Maxie L M Williams, Widow of J D Williams, Sr.

Mrs. Maxie Leah Meek Williams, aged 86, of 2310 Ringo street, widow of Joe D Williams, Sr., died Friday at her home. She was a member of the First Christian church and Little Rock Chapter of United Daughters of Confederacy. Survivors include two sons, P M and Joe D Williams, both of Little Rock. Funeral will be at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Griffin-Leggett by Rev. Marion A Boggs. Pallbearers will be Leon A Boggs, Walter N Brandon, Joe N Dillard, Harry Shoppoch, Milton Osborn and Joe Caldwell. Burial will be at Roselawn Memorial Park.
Published on Saturday, 30 Apr 1955, in the Arkansas Gazette
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2011-08-06 01:22 pm

Sunday's Obituary: Rollins

I found nineteen news articles and clippings from late 18th and early 19th century issues of the Dover Sun, (now available from Genealogy Bank) that related directly to my brother-in-law's extended Rollins family.

His ancestors settled in Strafford and surrounding counties as early as 1644, with patriarch James Rawlins arriving in colonial America in 1632 from Cornwall.

Even with the magnitude of information - well researched and documented - about the hsitory of the Rawlins/Rollins clan of New Hampshire, information found in these news clippings does not seem to be widely available, and adds that third dimension to the family members that I love so much.
As is unfortunately often the case, women rarely received mention except at their births, marriages and deaths.

Such was the case with many of the Rawlins/Rollins women.

Sometimes, even the death notice or obituary was very brief.

DIED, at Somersworth, Miss Susanna Rollins, aged about 15...daughter of Mr. James Rollins.
Dover Sun, 2 Mar 1805

Every once in a while, it was much lengthier.


Departed this life on the 28th ult. in the 28th year of her age, Miss Rachel Rollins of Somersworth, daughter of the late Mr. I Rollins of that place. Her malady (a consumption), was long and lingering, attended with much pain and distress, which, agreeably to her uniform character, she endued with the mildness of the Dove, and the meekness of the Lamb. In the extremity of her sufferings, not a murmur, nor even an involuntary groan escaped her lips! She was all patience, and resignation. Such was the sweetness of her Disposition, it smiled at Grief! and such the purity of her Soul, the terrors of the gloomy Messenger fled before the heaven of her countenance. There, in the darkness of Death, Religion sat smiling, like the Star of even on the bosom of the night.

She was accomplished in her person and manners; possessed of a mind highly susceptible, with feelings exquisitely delicate, and tender as Pity itself. Modest almost to a fault, and chaste as the virgin snow. Her many graces and virtues, drew forth the warmest affection of her friends, and her ever decorous and amiable demeanour, endeared her to her acquaintance. She was a pattern to her sex in acts of kindness and charity to the poor, whose gratitude proclaimed her benevolence, and whose tears now feelingly bespeak the magnitude of their loss. Although cut off in the meridian of her days, yet she arrived to full maturity; for wisdom was her grey hairs, and her spotless life old age. -- As all her pleasing prospects below were vanishing in the darkness, they brightened above in the Paradise of light. Joyful her exit from this transitory scene; a dreary wilderness, a world of woe, a vale of tears! She has passed gloriously, triumphing through her REDEEMER, the billow-swelling Jordan of death, and gained, borne on a Seraph's blissful wings, the promised land, the heavenly Canaan. There grows the TREE OF LIFE, whose taste is immortality. There flow rivers of LIVING WATER, making glad the heavenly inhabitants. There tears are wiped from every eye - and there all her cares, pains, and sorrows are lost and forgotten, in the overflowing fountain of bliss.
Dover Sun, 5 Dec 1812

Something tells me Rachel was very much loved.
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2011-07-23 04:03 pm

Sunday's Obituary: Edward H and Mary Jane (Lensing) Neumeier

Funeral Mass for City Couple is Held Today

Funeral mass for Mr.and Mrs. Edward Neumeier was held this morning at the St. Boniface Catholic Church. Burial for the couple was in Holy Cross Cemetery.

Active pallbearers for Mr. Neumeierwere Nick Benedetto, Harry Neumeier, Jerome Kremer, Joe Bauer, Herman Neihouse and Leo Kleck.

Active pallbearers for Mrs. Neumeier were Henry Thron, Augustine Bass, David Lensing, Vincent T. Murphy, Stephen Megless and Stephen Heim Jr.

Honorary pallbearers were Buddy Walker, Harold Watkins, Bill Avlos, Louis Seller, Royal Bowman, Donald Kennedy, Fate Dotson, Herman Schwartz, John Daley, Joe Lensing and Herman Buss.

The Neumeiers were killed when their car went out of control Wednesday on Highway 22 about 22 miles east of Paris, Ark.

Published in the Fort Smith Times Record, 29 Mar 1963


Edward H Neumeier was born 3 Mar 1916.

His wife, Mary Jane Lensing, was born 10 Jun 1919, in Logan Co., AR to Caspar Martin Lensing and Anna Crescence Heim. She was the fifth of their nine children and an older sister of my uncle, Thomas Andrew Lensing, Sr.
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2011-05-22 08:55 am

Sunday's Obituary: Mary (Wilson) Buck, 1867-1929


Mrs. Hardy Buck
The remains of Mrs. Hardy Buck, who died at a Little Rock hospital on Wednesday afternoon of last week, were brought to Arkadelphia that night, and was taken in charge by the McDaniel, Murry and Lee undertaking establishment.

The deceased is survived by five children, Arthur and Ed Buck of this city, Homer Buck of Oklahoma, Carl Buck of Graysonia and Mrs. Ruby Ray of Coleman, Texas, and one brother, Hardy Wilson of Coleman, Texas.

The funeral services were conducted Friday afternoon and the remains were laid to rest in the Golden cemetery.

The obituary was published in the Southern Standard on 11 Apr 1929.

Mary Wilson Buck's son, Homer, was the husband of my grand aunt, Madgie McBrayer.
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2011-05-15 09:24 am

Sunday's Obituary: Sarah A (Williams) Callaway - 1859-1929

An Old Citizen of Hollywood Dies

On Tuesday, April 9 God in His infinite wisdom removed from our midst our friend and neighbor, Mrs. Sarah A. Callaway, who resided on a farm near Hollywood.

Mrs. Callaway merited the esteem and confidence of all who knew her and whereas we desire to give some feeble expression to the feelings that stir within us.

Mrs. Callaway was born in Hot Spring county, December 25th, 1860, and later moved to Clark county where she was married to John Callaway.

To this union was born four daughters and a son. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Marion Francis of Mena, Miss Maude Callaway who lived with her mother, Mrs. Homer Francis of Amity, and a son, Johnnie Callaway of the Mt. Olive Community.

In addition to the immediate family, she is survived by two granddaughters, a niece and several cousins.

Mrs. Callaway had been a member of the Missionary Baptist church from early girlhood, having joined the Mt. Olive Baptist church soon after it was organized.

At the age of 32 she was left a widow with four small children, the youngest being only four weeks old.

Those days, with the care and support of her little ones, were perhaps her darkest days. Mrs. Callaway labored early and late. She knew no defeat. There were times when crop failures were evident, either from overflows or from insects, many gloomy days hovering over the Callaway home, but she never gave up. She fought her battle bravely, serenely and came out victorious every year.

Her love of out-door life was evidenced by the work she performed on her farm. All of her work was performed with an inspiring quality of faith, charity and intelligence. She made an effort to view life and its conditions from the brightest angle and she was able to live comfortably in her declining years.

Mrs. Callaway was a kind hearted, clean souled woman, whose sturdy womanhood made her the example of all who in their hearts love the thing that is right.

As a neighbor she was agreeable. As a friend she possessed love to mankind and a desire to promote their prosperity and happiness. As a Christian, she remained true to her plighted faith, duty and love for her Master. As a mother she was patient, kind and devoted.

To the bereaved ones whose hearts are burdened with grief which no tongue can tell we wish to say:
"When with our loved one we're parted,
Never to meet here again,
Anguished of soul broken hearted,
Seems that we can't bear the pain,
Till we remember that Jesus
Promised us life over there,
Death is the door to release us
From earthly sorrow and care."

A friend.

Originally published in the Southern Standard, 11 Apr 1929

Note: I believe the obit is in error on the year of her birth. In the 1860 census for Greenville Twp, Clark Co., AR, she was shown as a six month old child. The census was recorded on 28 Jun 1860.
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2011-04-17 09:15 am

Sunday's Obituary: Emily Ann (Wright) Bethea, 1855-1929

Mrs. C. P. Bethea

News of the death of Mrs. C. P. Bethea, which occurred in this city Friday night about 11 o'clock, brought sadness to the hearts of her many friends. She had been in bad health for some time, but had only been confined to her bed for the past few weeks.

The deceased was born September 11, 1855, in Saline county, near Benton. She was the daughter of Alfred and Eliza Nelson Wright, who moved to Clark county in 1859, settling in the Palestine community, 11 miles west of Arkadelphia.

At the age of 15 years, she joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and lived a consistent Christian.

On January 16, 1875, she was married to Clarence J. Bethea, to which union ten children were born. About 10 years ago the family moved to Arkadelphia.

Mrs. Bethea is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W. E. Robey of Little Rock, and two sons, Jim of Graysonia, and Rob of this city, and 17 grandchildren, three brothers, John Wright of Little Rock, Charlie Wright of Hot Springs and Jeff Wright of Palestine, and one sister, Mrs. Nick McSwain of this city.

The funeral services were conducted Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clcock by Dr. J. I. Cannon, pastor of the First Methodist Church, and the body was laid to rest in Rose Hill cemetery.
(Source: The Southern Standard, 11 Apr 1929.)

I am not related to Emily Bethea. She is part of the extended Bethea family, members of which married into my Callaways and McBrayers.

Emily was the mother-in-law of my grand-aunt, Maude McBrayer.
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2011-04-10 11:35 am

Sunday's Obituary: Doris Balding Williams, 1907-1998

Doris Williams was my maternal grandmother.


Doris Balding Williams, born July 9, 1907 to Victor and Hattie C Balding in Little Rock, Ark., passed from this life on Jan. 18, 1998. She was preceded in death by her husband, Joe. D. Williams and her son, Joe C. Williams. She was a lifelong member of Second Presbyterian Church.

Survivors are a daughter, Judith Williams Neumann and son-in-law, Edward W. Neumann of North Little Rock; a daughter-in-law, Sue K. Williams of Houston, Texas; two sisters, Vera B. King, Peoria, Ariz. and Marian B. Fox, Fallbrook, Calif.; and one brother, Russell E. Balding, Sun City, Ariz.; six granddaughters, Ruth W. Toda, Long Island, N.Y., Leah W. Lipshultz, Los Angeles, Calif., Desha W. Hardin, Corpus Christi, Texas, Dee L. Sharp, Mabelvale, Ark. and Victoria B. Hill and Lorraine Burris both of Alexander, Ark.; 10 great-grandchildren, three nieces and three nephews; four step-grandchildren; three step-great granchildren.

She was an excellent seamstress, beginning at age six with an old lace curtain. She was also an avid gardener. She loved anything to do with needlework and enjoyed giving her friends things she had made. She was admired by many and will be missed greatly.

The family will receive visitors at her home, #5 Lombardy Lane, Little Rock, today, Jan. 20, from 4 to 6 p.m. Graveside funeral services by Ruebel Funeral Home will be held at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1998 at Roselawn Memorial Park, Dr. Karen Akin officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to your favorite charity.
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2011-04-02 08:03 pm

Sunday's Obituary: Bernice Josephine Herrington, 1913-1993

Bernice was one of my grandmother's "little" sisters, and was also a twin. Her twin sister was Eunice Catheline Herrington Granite, who died in 1992.


ANDERSON - Services for Bernice Josephine Stevens, 80, of Anderson will be conducted at 10:30 a.m. Monday at Anderson's Chapel.

The Rev. Rusty Jeffery of First Baptist Church of Anderson will officiate. Burial will be at Auburn Cemetery.

Mrs. Stevens died Wednesday, Dec. 22 1993 at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.

Born Oct. 13, 1913, in DeGray, Ark., she moved to Shasta County in 1991 from Madera.

[S]he was a homemaker.

Survivors include husband Otto; daughter Linda Erwin of Myrtle Creek, Ore.; sister Inez Horne of Malvern, Ark.; seven grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren.
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2011-03-27 10:13 am

Sunday's Obituary: Woodrow Lyle Rainey


Woodrow L. Rainey, S. 1/c.
Woodrow L Rainey, S. 1/c., 28, was killed in action in the South Pacific, the Navy Department has advised his wife, Mrs. Myrtle Nolen Rainey. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Rainey of the Griffin Flat community.

Woodrow's parents were Edgar Clarence Rainey and Millie Mae Burris, making him my 4th cousin.

His parents placed this stone in Appleton Cemetery in Pope County, AR in memory of him, although they were unable to bury his remains.

Woodrow Lyle Rainey, 1916-26 Mar 1945
Seaman, 1st Class USN
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2011-03-20 09:25 am

Sunday's Obituary: James Sylvester "Vessie" Voss, 1872-1942


J S Voss Dies Friday At Home At Mt. Sterling

J S Voss, 70, died Friday at his home in the Mt. Sterling community. He had been in failing health for several years.

He was born February 6, 1872, in the Dike community, the son of the late John Voss. He was married to Miss Callie Bartley.

Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Callie Voss, two sons, Henry Voss, Sulphur Springs, route 1, and Don Voss, in the U S Army at Camp Stewart, Georgia, and one sister, Mrs. Effie Jennings, Saltillo.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending word from his son in the Army. Interment will be in the Mt. Sterling Cemetery.

I don't know in which newspaper this obit appeared. (It was one of those neatly clipped ones.)

It's always interesting to me to note the information missing from an obituary. Like Vessie's mother's name. It was Mary J Hodges, and she died when he was 8 months old.

Callie Bartley was Vessie's second wife. He was married first to Maggie Ola Wells, who died in 1907, four months after the birth of their second child, who followed her in death four months later.

Vessie's oldest son with Maggie, Fennis Divan Voss, died 30 Mar 1933, and is buried in the same cemetery as his father.

I found this clipping in a box of documents my dad gave me to bring home and scan. Without it, I'd never have known the connection between our Ashmores from Tennessee and the Voss family of Texas.

James Sylvester "Vessie" Voss was the grandson of Jasinda Ashmore, my third great grand-aunt.
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2011-03-12 10:12 pm

Sunday's Obituaries: Callaway

William Hemphill Callaway "Big Bill"
His obituary, as printed in the Southern Standard, 10 Feb 1899, page 3, col. 4:
"Callaway, W H, died at his residence Wednesday night at 11 o'clock. He had been in feeble heath for several months. At the time of his death he was the coroner of this county. He was one of the oldest native citizens of the county, being in his 72nd year of age. He was somewhat of a remarkable character, and had a remarkable memory and could relate more early history of the county than probably any other citizen. "Big Bill" as he was called by his firends will be greatly missed on the streets."

William Arnett Callaway "Little Bill"
His obit from the Southern Standard, 2 Apr 1887:
"Callaway, William Arnott, died at his residence in Arkadelphia on the night of the 29th ult., County and Probate Judge of Clark Co., at the age of 63, after a lingering illness of rheumatic paralysis. The funeral services at his late residence on Wednesday afternoon, were officed by Rev. John McLauchlan, past of the Methodist Church of this place...Rose Hill Cemetery."

James Lawson Callaway
His obituary, as published in the Southern Standard, 7 Dec 1888, page 3, col. 4:
"Callaway, James L. Dr., of Hollywood, died very suddenly last Monday of paralysis of the heart. He had gone to the residence of Uncle Dick Wilson Monday morning to transact some business, and not finding Mr. Wilson at home, decided to wait for his return, but the time for his return had passed, and mounting his horse, started for home, but had gone but a few paces when he suddenly fell from his horse dead, and Mrs. Wilson hurriedly advanced to where he had fallen, stricken with death. We understand Dr. Callaway had been troubled with heart disease for some time. Dr. Callaway was well known here having been here all his life. His ancestors were among the first settlers of this county in the long ago."

Emily Ida Callaway
Her obituary, as published in the Southern Standard, 16 Aug 1873, page 2, col 6:
"Callaway, Emily Ida, died, daughter of W A and Emily L Callway, was born Sept. 1 1872 and died Aug. 10, 1873...for the eighth time, death has made requisition upon this home circle."
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2011-02-26 04:57 pm

Sunday's Obituary


Mrs. Essie LeBolt Finn
Died at her home, 1421 Second street, last night at 3:10 o'clock. Surviving are her husband, Daniel J Finn; one son, Ward D of Philadephia; one daughter, Mrs. Broshia L Boorman. Another son, Elbert, died in Pontiac, Mich., two years ago. Mrs. Finn attended the Fourth Lutheran church. Friends will be received at the Axe funeral home after 7 o'clock this evening.

Altoona Mirror, 14 Dec 1948

Note: Interesting that Essie's maiden name of Chapin was not used by the writer of the obit, possibly leading people to think she was born a Lebolt instead of being married to and divorced from one. According to Elbert C Shephard's death certificate, he died on 25 Oct 1943, not in 1946.
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2011-02-12 07:17 pm

Sunday's Obituaries: Chapin

Cyrus F Chapin

Died at 3 o'clock this morning at the home of his sister, Mrs. Essie Lebolt Finn of 1421 Second Street, following an illness of six weeks. He suffered from a complication of diseases. He was born in Bradford County, Dec. 2, 1853, and resided with a sister in Denver, Colo., until March 15, last year when the sister died, Mr. Chapin then removing to this city. He is survived by three brothers, George Chapin of Atlanta, Ga., Fred Chapin of Little Rock, Ark., and Willard Chapin of California, and the sister in this city. Surviving also is a niece, Mrs. J A Boorman of Altoona, and a nephew, E C Shephard of Pontiac, Mich. He was a member of the International Bible Students' association. The funeral will be held from the Laferty and Tobias funeral parlors on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be made in Rose Hill cemetery.

Source: Altoona Mirror, Wednesday, March 3, 1926

Mrs. Essie Lebolt Finn

Died at her home, 1421 Second Street, last night at 8:10 o'clock. Surviving are her husband, Daniel J Finn; one son, Ward D of Philadelphia; one daughter, Mrs. Broshia L Boorman. Another son, Elbert, died in Pontiac, Mich., two years ago. Mrs. Finn attended the Fourth Lutheran church. Friends will be received at the Axe funeral home after 7 o'clock this evening.

FINN: Funeral services for Mrs. Essie Lebolt Finn will be conducted Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Axe funeral home in charge of Rev. Ralph W Lind. Interment in Rose Hill cemetery. Friends will be received at Axe funeral home after 7 o'clock this evening.

Source: Altoona Mirror, Tuesday, December 14, 1948
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2011-01-02 08:52 am

Sunday's Obituary: Bernice Josephine Herrington Stevens


Bernice Stevens

Anderson - Services for Bernice Josephine Stevens, 80, of Anderson will be conducted at 10:30 am at Anderson's Chapel.

The Rev. Rusty Jeffrey of First Baptist Church of Anderson will officiate. Burial will be at Auburn Cemetery.

Mrs. Stevens died Wednesday, Dec. 22, 1993, at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.

Born Oct. 31, 1913, in DeGray, Ark., she moved to Shasta County in 1991 from Madera.

[S]he was a homemaker.

Survivors include husband, Otto; daughter Linda Erwin of Myrtle Creek, Ore.; sister Inez Horne of Malvern, Ark.; seven grandchildren; and 12 great grandchildren.
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2010-12-25 10:23 pm

Sunday's Obituary: Mary C Dunn Callaway Williams

Southern Standard, 18 Apr 1929
A Beloved woman of De Gray Dies.
Mrs. Mary C. Williams, one of the oldest and most beloved citizens of DeGray departed this life at the home of her only daughter, Mrs. Julia Herrington, on Tuesday, April 9th. She was 80 years, three months and 3 days old at the time of her death. She had been a member of the Baptist church at DeGray 62 years. She lived a Christian life. She was the mother of three children, Julia Ann Callaway, Ned Williams and Willie Williams. She was a kind and loving mother and dutiful wife. Mrs. Williams was married to A. M. Callaway in 1866 and in 1878 she was married to D. A. Williams. She has gone but not forgotten. She has been blind for the past seven years and hasn't been out of the house in two years.



DeGray Baptist Church Cemetery, Clark Co., AR
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2010-12-18 05:05 pm

Sunday's Obituary, but where's the grave?

This afternoon, I found the old news clipping that describes the death of Ward Chapin on 18 Sep 1894 at Fort Brown, Texas. It's pretty graphic, as I have come to expect from older obituaries.

The Sad Death of Private Chapin
Other items

The funeral of Ward Chapin a private of Troop K, 5th Cavalry who was drowned at the post yesterday afternoon took place this morning at 11 o clock a m. He was buried with military honors. The entire garrison attended the funeral. His grave was covered by many and beautiful floral offerings sent by his comrades and friends.

Ward Chapin was born at Olean New York state. He enlisted in the service of the United States at Fort Scott Kansas on Jan 23 1893 and was 22 years of age. The circumstances of his sad death is deeply regretted by his comrades who used every means in their power to save him but were unfortunately unsuccessful. There is every reason to believe that he was seriously injured if not fatally before he disappeared from the surface of the water, as there are the imprints of the horse's hoofs on his chest where his horse must have struck him in his struggle to free himself from the drowning man. One of these imprints is directly over the heart which if not fatal must have rendered him unconscious.

This young man was a faithful soldier and his character and morals wore of the highest standards, an example to his comrades and all who were thrown in contact with him. His memory will be long cherished by his comrades and their deepest sympathy is extended to his bereaved relatives.

As a result of yesterday's sad accident there will be no more swimming of horses in the lagoon excepting under the direct supervision of the troop commanders.

Okay, that tells me he was buried at the fort. So I went looking for that cemetery, and found this instead.

This Military cemetery, once located on the "island" of Ft. Brown, held the remains of the military soldiers stationed at the fort. Their remains were removed and moved to Alexandria, Louisiana and reinterred in the National Cemetery there in 1911. The contractor for this removal was N.E. Rendall. The headstones were not moved with the bodies. Mr. Rendall sold the headstones and some of these headstones are the foundations for some of the buildings in Brownsville. One of these buildings was the Nebraska Apartments that was located between 13th and 14th streets on Jefferson street.
(The link in that article for the cemetery at Pineville is dead.)

So I went looking in Rapides Parish, LA. There is no record of him there, and the VA's Nationwide Gravesite Locator doesn't have him either.

So I wonder - what happened to my second great grand uncle's remains?