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2016-10-09 07:03 am

The 2016 Burris Family Reunion was a success, and loads of fun...

I saw cousins I hadn't seen since I was a kid.

I counted 44 people. Some of them were in the shadows in the group photo.
 photo group1.jpg

It's a shame we didn't have enough to eat. (The dessert table was around the corner in the dining room.)
 photo 4.jpg

 photo 6.jpg

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 9.jpg

 photo 8.jpg

 photo Norma Jean Burris Jones Cupit.jpg

 photo 13.jpg

 photo McKayla rings the church bell at St Joe.jpg

 photo Beth Neumann Lee.jpg
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2012-08-24 08:34 pm

Sympathy Saturday: St Joe Cemetery, outside Atkins, Pope County AR

August 10, 1969 was a horrific day for Charles R and Geneva L Ketcherside.

They lost their home in a fire, and with it, 6 children.


Randy L Duvall, b 27 Sep 1958 (son of Geneva and her first husband, Lee Duvall)
Connie L Ketcherside, b 20 Mar 1962, and her siblings
Aaron R, b 13 Nov 1963
Sheila K, b 20 Jun 1965
Dennis R, b 18 Oct 1966; and
Michael R, b 29 Oct 1967
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2011-12-04 08:46 am

Ernest Arthur Burris family

Ernest Arthur Burris was the second of twelve children born to George Washington Burris, Sr., and Mary Mathilda Wharton.

He was also their second son. He was born 2 Nov 1880, as our family says "on Isabell Creek," and died in 1952.

On 5 Feb 1905, he married Ida May McCauley. She was the daughter of Patrick McCauley (who was born in Ireland), and Mary E Thoss. Ida was born 22 Apr 1887, and died 10 May 1971. She and Ernest are buried in St. Joe Cemetery in Pope County, not far from where Ernest was born.

This photo is of Ernest and Ida in 1950 at St. Joe.

Ernest, in an undated photo.

Ernest and Ida had three sons, Lewis Earl Burris, Fay O Burris, and Ernest McCauley Burris.

Lewis Earl Burris, undated photo.

Lewis Earl Burris was born 28 Oct 1905, and died 24 May 1971. He is buried in St. Joe Cemetery also, and is the grandfather of the cousin who shared these photos with me.
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2011-11-18 07:15 am

What a treat...

Another descendant of a family that emigrated from Tennessee to Pope County, AR contacted me last night when she found my online tree and from there, this blog.

She is a Duvall descendant. Duvalls married into my Burris line throughout the years after all the families settled in Pope County.

And she remembers going to Decoration in the 1960s at St. Joe Cemetery, too.

I love it when this happens.
Just a reminder to those who stumble on the blog while they are shakin' their own family trees.

You can right click and save copies of the photos posted here.

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2011-10-28 06:32 pm

Sepia Saturday: St Joe Freewill Baptist Church, Pope Co., AR

While I was at my dad's house, I took pictures of some more of his pictures.

What we believe to be the first building that became St. Joe Freewill Baptist Church - where my g-g-grandpa set up a Sunday school under a brush arbor until they could get a building - and the very beginning of the cemetery, way over to the right.


St. Joe as I remember it when I was little kid, going to "Decoration" on Mother's Day...


There's a very nice, modest brick building there now.

And a much larger cemetery.

This is a Sepia Saturday post.
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2011-05-10 07:07 pm

Wednesday's Child: Burris children buried in St Joe Cemetery, Pope Co., AR

Arkie Lucille Burris, daughter of George W and Mary M Burris

Ella Rea Burris, daughter of George W and Mary M Burris

Infant son of George W and Mary M Burris

Ocie Myrtis Burris, daughter of George W and Mary M Burris

Clarence C Burris, son of John Sherman and Mitti Belle Burris

Infant daughter of John Eddie and Amanda Caroline Burris

Infant son of John Eddie and Amanda Caroline Burris
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2011-04-04 05:52 pm

Tombstone Tuesday: Moore family plot

The Moore family plot at St Joe Cemetery, just down the road from my dad's home in Pope County, drew my attention yesterday.

It is guarded by an assortment of four footed sentinels.