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2011-12-28 11:18 am

My mystery Burrises...

I have the greatest amount of information about my Tennessee Burrises who came to Arkansas.

One of my strongest brick walls is my 3rd great grandfather, William Burris.

I have no idea who his parents were, or his siblings.

A couple of his sons have stumped me also.

Richard Charles Burris was child number 6 of William Burris and Elizabeth Bailey. (I will probably get some indignant hate mail from other Burris researchers on that statement, as there are at last count, some Burris researchers who say William and Elizabeth had 15 children before her death about 1835. However, I can only account for 11, so I'm standing by what I said, and if someone wants to give me some evidence to review, I'm happy to look at it.)
Richard Charles Burris married Sarah "Sally" A Rogers on 29 Jul 1832, in Tennessee.

He was 20 years old, and she, 15. They appear briefly in Pope County, AR, in the 1840 census. But by 1860, they were back in Hardin Co., TN, where most of their children were born.

I've only been able to trace one of their 9 children, James Andrew Burris, all the way to the end of his life.

Family lore says Richard was killed in the Civil War. In the 1880 census, Sally Burris was living with her youngest son, Henry in Pope Co., IL.

And son James appeared to lived most of his life in Massac Co., IL. He married Lydia Ann Denton on 13 Jan 1869 in Gallatin Co., IL.

James Andrew Burris, Lydia Denton Burris, Emily E "Emma" Burris, photo circa 1871

James Andrew Burris died on 4 Jul 1925 in Hillerman, Massac Co., IL. Lydia followed him in death almost 16 years to that day, on 3 Jul 1941, at the home of her daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, "Betty" Burris Culver, in Hillerman, Massac Co., IL.