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Those Places Thursday: Flood of 1927 in small town Arkansas

The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927 has been characterized as the most destructive river flood in American history.

Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas were all affected, but Arkansas may have suffered the worst in terms of total land mass underwater.

About 6,600 square miles of the state - 36 of 75 Arkansas counties, or a total of 14% of Arkansas' land mass - were underwater. In some locations, the water was 30 feet deep.

More families in Arkansas - 41,243 - received public and Red Cross relief than in any other state.

My third cousin, Thurman Burris, died in the flood.

Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., AR - my photo of a photo found in the Jefferson County Historical Museum

6 miles west of Elaine, Desha Co., AR - photo from Library of Congress

Dermott, Chicot Co., AR - photo from Library of Congress

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Amazing pictures. This must have been a lifechanger for so many people.

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I've seen the Red River flood and it was just horrible. I can't imagine how these floods affected people's lives, especially back in the day.