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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2011-09-22 09:01 pm

It just makes me grin...

I love photos of streetcars.

The Library of Congress has some really cool photos of streetcars, and I also collect postcards of streetcars.

This one is from the LOC...

New York City streetcar, 1913

This one makes me grin.

It's not often you see an action shot in a photo this old.

But look - the woman is in mid-jump into the streetcar.

In that dress.

I'd be flat on my face.

And look - despite how we all romanticize courtly manners of the folks who have gone before us, none of those guys are helping her on...

One of them is watching to see if she's gonna fall on her face, and the one to her right is just bored and waiting for the streetcar to start up again.

Just hurry up, would ya?
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A streetcar that is not called Desire - LOL!

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I agree that is a GREAT photo! LOL! Yeah, I certainly don't see any of the fellas getting up to help her on or give her their seat. Great photo indeed!