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Black Sheep Sunday...which one was?

Looking for one thing, and ran across another.

In this case, it's my copy of Lest We Forget, a little history of two communities in Yell County, AR, compiled by Lola Person Cooper in 1972, shortly after the death of her husband.

I had several pages flagged with post-it notes from a previous reading, and was skimming through it again, when I ran across this:
In about 1920 Luther Hopkins and wife lived on the Cotton Town Plantation. It is said by those that were neighbors that she made up her mind to kill him for something she thought he did that was an injustice to her. While he slept one morning allegely she hit him with a car axle (which was useless and lying around the place) killing him instantly. The neighbors said she was tried, turned loose and her husband buried all in the same day. He was buried at the Harris Cemetery. The car axle was partially driven in the ground at the head of his grave, marking the grave as there is no monument.

Well, that would do it, I guess. But I was skeptical. So I started Googling around and found this, attached to a family record on a self-hosted family tree website:
Luther's wife struck him in the head witha ford car axle as he slept. The killing was called "justifiable." She was exonerated by a coroner's jury and on May 21, 1921, she collected the life insurance on his policy. The Atkins Chronical, April 8, 1921 and the Atkins Chronicle, May 13, 1921.

The date of death for Luther was 5 Apr 1921 in that family tree.

So now I have to find the Atkins Chronicle for those dates - my hope is that the Arkansas History Commission has it.

Carrie Hopkins died 12 Dec 1931 in Logan Co., AR.

We're not related.

But still...

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