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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2011-08-13 02:51 pm

Then and now...

16th and Center Streets, Little Rock


Same view, 2011
Image saved from street view on Google Earth

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I love the horse and buggy, sometimes the past seems somewhat made-up, things change so fast, or maybe because we just see it in movies where it's recreated. To see it as it really was is always an eye-opener.

Is that tall building at the end of the street still there? It looks beautiful.
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I like that some of the same trees are there, 100 years later. I thought of you today, I went to a big ole swap meet nearby. It is an adventure and like a mini vacation to Central America. Much like some do with ebay, people buy up storage lockers and just sprawl everything out on tables and blankets. It's what ebay would look like without the pretty pictures, templates and organization, in non-virtual world.

One table was simply full of old black and white photos, from old cameras, kind of curling around the edges some of them. I didn't have the patience to look at more than a few, but I think you would have enjoyed them. I'm sure they were very inexpensive for the whole lot.

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I love the old town photo postcards. I wonder if the people in the photo ever learned that they were in it. I like how you posted both the postcard and the google image. It's to compare the two and see how the trees have grown enough to obscure the church. The curbstones look the same....

I always love photographs of "tunnels" -- a path with trees or arches or walls on the side and in the far distance a building or a gentle turn in the path. I always imagine them as the unknown future as I walk the path of life.

Nancy from My Ancestors and Me