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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2011-06-26 05:31 pm

John and Amy Callaway's land in Missouri...

This is just fascinating to me - that the records still exist.

I looked back in the blog and saw that I had not provided the survey documents for the land they owned in Louisiana Territory - Ste. Genevieve District, it was at the time.


Even more fascinating to me was their neighbor directly to the north - Jonathan Owsley.


He witnessed their marriage.

And they named their second son, Jonathan Owsley Callaway.

Maybe there were Owsleys on Amy's side of the family.

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As much as I love the information I get from old documents, I love the feel of the old paper, the old handwriting, all of it. It looks like the first document is the original -- do you have it in your possession?
Nancy from My Ancestors and Me