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But he didn't act alone...

In my extended family, we have our own version of a murder conspiracy.

John D Lee, one of the leaders of the Mormon Church, was executed for the 1857 massacre at Mountain Meadows UT, in which several members of my Wharton family were murdered.

From the Southern Standard, 31 Mar 1877:

John D Lee, the Mormon leader who participated in the murder of 120 men, women and children, nearly 20 years ago, who were emigrants from Arkansas to California, was shot last Friday. He was executed upon the grounds known as Mountain Meadows, the very grounds where the people he helped to murder were encamped when the ruffians attacked them. He made a confession implicating others and excuplating himself. He was given his choice as to the manner of his death by the court that sentenced him and prefered to be shot.

A fair number of historians see Brigham Young's hands firmly in the mix of the massacre - with followers committed to covering up his culpability.

Today's LDS Church would just like to see the whole thing fade away, without having to acknowledge the innocent blood on the hands of its leaders so long ago.

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I just read how you came upon this information in 2010, and I can only imagine how stunned and shocked you must have been to learn about this massacre! So, it is not too surprising to me that the LDS Church would like this horrible day in it's history to go away. But as some of my family members' would say, "there's 3 sides to every story: 1) the side of those who had a hand in this event, 2) the side of Brigham Young's involvement in this event, and. . . 3) the truth - what God knows happened that day!" One day the truth will be revealed to us all!