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Random musings...

The last couple of weeks have been trying.

At work I am working on a very sad case involving abuse and neglect of children with developmental disabilities in a psychiatric hospital.

And then coming home to consecutive nights of sitting in the cottage, listening to the wail of tornado sirens, one of which is only several hundred yards from my front door.

Morning drives the horror home.

Such devastation. You simply cannot appreciate the totality of the devastation from the media photographs.

In order to fully grasp it, you have to stop the car. Get out, and smell the pungent pine scent combined with gasoline fumes coming from the chain saws that assails you as you pick your way around toppled trees so huge that you and your best friend couldn't wrap your arms around no matter how hard you tried.

You have to stand at the bottom of the ladder and hand one tarp after another up so the next door neighbor can help nail them down over the gaping holes in the roof.

The ones with a roof - even part of one - are the lucky ones.

You have to rock silently as a young woman you just met at Backyard Burger sobs on your shoulder because she doesn't know how long it will be before she can get back to see what's left of her home. If there's anything left at all.

Some of them want to talk. Some of them can't yet.

You need to put some money in the jar at the corner store to help pay for the baby's funeral.

So I've been preoccupied and not paying attention to the ancestors lately.

And they are letting me know they want some attention.

I haven't seen anyone else blog about that. Maybe you have, and I just haven't read *that* entry.

Don't panic. I only see dead people in my dreams.

But there are things that happen here at the cottage that I have come to accept as normal, and they always have to do with researching my ancestral lines and finding answers.

I have a haunted computer printer, coffee maker and bathroom light switch. All three operate independently of me.

Not all the time. Only when I have been working very hard on an ancestral line, or need to.

I'm a very linear thinker, so when these things started happening, I naturally looked for rational answers.

I taped the bathroom light switch in the off position. I'm on the third coffee maker, plugged into a different outlet.

My cousin heard the printer start working all by itself when she was visiting, and left shortly afterward. (I had told her about it, and although she was very polite when I did, I knew she was skeptical. But seeing and hearing is believing.)

And today, all three of them did their stuff.

So I guess I should get back to work, huh?

Wonder who I'll see in a dream tonight...

The journey is good.

(Anonymous) 2011-05-02 01:41 am (UTC)(link)
It's natural to get drawn into the here and now, especially with all that has been going on here lately. I myself have been dealing with flooded backyards and a niece in Birmingham when the big one hit. We found her thank goodness. It has been a rough few weeks and it isn't over yet. Glad you made it through OK, cousin.


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Oh my mean C's daughter?

(Anonymous) 2011-05-02 02:01 am (UTC)(link)
What a time it sounds like you are having! I'm so sorry it has been so challenging. I guess, in 100 years, your descendants will read about all this in the newspaper - or on your blog! Yvonne at The Mashburn Collection has also written about the weather, too. Take care. Your ancestors will be pleased to have you searching for them again!
Nancy from My Ancestors and Me
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Mine have been damned quiet of late, mostly because they're busy as beavers helping their descendants in the affected areas. They mostly have wanted me to serve as witness, to watch the tornado videos and so on. They know I went through a tornado when I lived in Missouri, and that I understand the reality. They can take my response and use it for their own purposes, and have done. Besides that, not much activity I've seen.

They'll be back, though.

Blessings to yours.

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Blessings on you. There are times one must be with the living. And as painful as it is, it is far better than trying to avoid the anguish. There is no point telling stories of our ancestors if we are going to ignore their offspring and our neighbors.

Mini-rant. Sorry, but having spent time cleaning up here in St. Louis and counting our blessings no life was lost, I am a bit stunned by those who simply drive by and look away. Perhaps they are sending their nickels in and praying in their own way. But they refuse to meet our eyes.

As to your electronic ghosts - it seems they're sending their own hugs your way. Comforting you with the familiar/the dear. Must say I like their choices. Kinda covers the essentials of life - at least my life.

Sending mental hugs your way. It's been a spring and a half.