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It's been one of *those* weeks at work...

So I took a little R&R time on Friday evening and Saturday.

Today, I started working on my Wingfields again.

They were a prolific bunch - they must have taken that go forth, be fruitful and multiply thing to heart.

Once they came to Clark County, AR around 1820 from points east such as Warren Co., KY and Surry Co., NC, they began multiplying in earnest.

Poor old Franklin Logan Wingfield.

I know he's related, I just can't figure out who his daddy is.

Frank was born in Clark County in 1859. On 22 Jun 1882, he married Mary Smith there.

A lot of Wingfield researchers favor Jacob Wingfield, born 1787 in Surry Co., NC as Frank's daddy, with wife number 3 being his mom.

Jacob died in 1877 in Dobyville, Clark Co., AR.

So he could have been Frank's daddy.

But I don't think Rhoda Waldron could have been his momma.

Rhoda was born in 1796 in South Carolina, and somehow, it just feels like a real stretch that a 63 year old woman would be having a baby. It must have felt like the same stretch to one researcher, so he just plopped Frank over on the second mother.

Who died before 1839, when Rhoda and Jacob got married in Clark County.

In any event, I can't find Jacob and Rhoda in the 1870 census.

I can't find Frank in the 1870 census, either.

So for now, he stays "unlinked" to my other Wingfields.

But I know he's related.

Somewhere around 1825, the Wingfields started marrying the Hasleys, who were from Tennessee.

And then a whole bunch of the Wingfield/Hasley clan headed to Bell County, TX by way of Natchitoches Parish, LA, with a few of the Hasleys staying in Louisiana. They started traveling between the 1840 and 1850 census.

That kind of travel always makes me wonder - what was there in Texas that there wasn't in Arkansas?

So now, I am haunting the Wingfield/Hasley surname message boards.