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Idelle (Sandage) Herrington, 1916-1999

I didn't know for a very long time that Aunt Idelle was my grand aunt by marriage.

I thought she *was* a Herrington.

She was in nearly all the sister pictures taken of my grandmother, Louise Herrington and her sisters.

Louise Burris and Idelle Herrington
(The sun was in their eyes - they really did love each other)

Idelle was born on 22 May 1916 in Cleburne Co., AR to Stephen Douglas Sandage (who went by his middle name all his life) and Bertha Bailey. She was the only daughter, and had three brothers (at least three is all I can account for).

When she was grown, she took after her daddy and became a school teacher. I didn't know that until I saw the 1930 census for the family in Cleburne County, and saw his occupation. He taught in the public schools there.

Sometime between that census and 1932, the Sandage family moved to the DeGray community of Clark County, where they met the Herrington clan.

Apparently, if news accounts from the Southern Standard are any indication, the whole bunch hung out together for a little fun during the Great Depression.


Transcribing the relevant parts of my family's social acticities as reported on 24 Nov 1932...
Health is good in our community at present...The party given by Mr. and Mrs. J M Herrington Saturday night was enjoyed by all...Mrs. Coleman Buck and son are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. George Burris...Misses Bernice Herrington and Burna Graham spent awhile Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Rosie Buckley...Misses Bernice Herrington, Nannie Lou Trigg, Gladys Buck, Burna and Myrtice Graham and Corine Harvey and Messrs Otho Sheffield, Hoyle and Dan Graham and Alvin Buck spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Idelle Sandage...Mr. Roy Buck spent awhile with Mr. Robert Herrington Sunday...Gladys Buck took supper with Eunice Herrington Sunday night...Burna Graham took supper with Idelle Sandage Sunday night...Messrs Chester and Clarence Terrell, Robert Herrington and Hoyle and Dan Graham attended a party at Mr. and Mrs. Sam White's Saturday night.

Wonder if that was about the time Idelle Sandage and Robert Herrington were getting sweet on each other?

I don't have a date for Idelle and Robert's marriage, but their son, Robert Herrington, Jr. was born on 25 Feb 1942.

Bob Herrington and Bob, Jr. in
Hot Springs, AR, about 1952

Although she only had one child of her own, Aunt Idelle loved kids.

And we loved her back.

She died on 19 Mar 1999, and was buried beside Bob Herrington, Sr., in Ouachita Cemetery, Donaldson, Hot Spring Co., AR.

See you on the other side, Aunt Idelle.


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she sure was a sharp dresser!!