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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2011-03-21 06:26 pm
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Not a good way to start off

Just about everyone has blogged about last week's launch of a new genealogy search site called Mocavo, whose creator calls it The Largest Free Genealogy and Family Tree Search Engine.

But Cliff Shaw does not seem to like much of the feedback he's getting on those blogs from veteran researchers who are used to having to dig in some fairly obscure places for family history information and who take exception to Shaw's definition of sources of "non-genealogy results" from that *other* search engine.

Kerry Scott over at Clue Wagon gave her review of Mocavo and went, as she said, "Debbie Downer" on it, and gave specific examples of where it missed the mark.

Other commenters, including I, have added to those.

Shaw keeps coming back with a challenge to commenters to add to his database for him, and consistently fails to answer one of Kerry's questions...what's his business model and does he have a sponsor?

Huh? Not what I would expect from a dot com.

I haven't dug through musty vaults and dodged snakes in cemeteries, or spent hours and hours online, chasing internet leads to give it away to someone to line their pockets.

He needs better answers than he's giving.

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