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Sunday's Obituary: James Sylvester "Vessie" Voss, 1872-1942


J S Voss Dies Friday At Home At Mt. Sterling

J S Voss, 70, died Friday at his home in the Mt. Sterling community. He had been in failing health for several years.

He was born February 6, 1872, in the Dike community, the son of the late John Voss. He was married to Miss Callie Bartley.

Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Callie Voss, two sons, Henry Voss, Sulphur Springs, route 1, and Don Voss, in the U S Army at Camp Stewart, Georgia, and one sister, Mrs. Effie Jennings, Saltillo.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending word from his son in the Army. Interment will be in the Mt. Sterling Cemetery.

I don't know in which newspaper this obit appeared. (It was one of those neatly clipped ones.)

It's always interesting to me to note the information missing from an obituary. Like Vessie's mother's name. It was Mary J Hodges, and she died when he was 8 months old.

Callie Bartley was Vessie's second wife. He was married first to Maggie Ola Wells, who died in 1907, four months after the birth of their second child, who followed her in death four months later.

Vessie's oldest son with Maggie, Fennis Divan Voss, died 30 Mar 1933, and is buried in the same cemetery as his father.

I found this clipping in a box of documents my dad gave me to bring home and scan. Without it, I'd never have known the connection between our Ashmores from Tennessee and the Voss family of Texas.

James Sylvester "Vessie" Voss was the grandson of Jasinda Ashmore, my third great grand-aunt.

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