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Re: Chapin

I always consider all information published about anyone in my family tree. Those include census records, birth/death certificates and indices, cemetery transcriptions and gravestones, obituaries such as this one in historic newspapers, and, as is the case for this particular branch of the family, city directories published during the time in which the family lived in Fort Scott, KS which contained their addresses, family composition and occupations (where relevant).

However, the statement you made online (and about which I have replied to one of your other comments) is contradicted by E C Shephard's birth certificate and census records (which I think we should presume until provided with evidence to the contrary contained statements Essie made to the census enumerator about the birthplace of her children and their father) as well as my correspondence with his grandson.

It might help if you could broaden your view about "your" family. This family had a lot of members in this generation alone, and some of them went on to have families of their own. That makes them part of a family much larger than just either you or I.

Puzzling through through all the details is so much more fun when descendants have a collaborative, rather than combative, spirit.

Take whatever action you like.

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