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In the US after 1819, it was these Odd Fellows.

The three links and FLT are the emblem of the IOOF, and stand for Friendship, Love, and Truth. Most Odd Fellow gravestones have some variant on that emblem, unless they're for members of the Patriarchs Militant (the uniform degree of the IOOF). From the Odd Fellow Valediction: I believe in Friendship, Love and Truth as basic guides to the ultimate destiny of all mankind.

(I am --- or was; I'm no longer active --- a Past Grand of the IOOF, a Past Noble Grand in the Rebekahs, a Past Chief Matriarch in the Ladies Encampment Auxiliary, and more generally a member on both the women's and men's sides all the way up. I also belonged to one of the Rebekah goofus lodges, about which I can say nothing more than that. *g*)

Gorgeous photos...

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