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Rachel Victoria Manning, 1837-1878

She was the oldest child of Samuel Manning and Elizabeth Hale, born in 1837 in Virginia. Her father moved the family from White County, TN, where they were found in the 1850 census, to McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL.

According to her sister Mary's obituary, four of her seven brothers enlisted in the Civil War and died in service.

Her parents died within weeks of each other in May 1859.

Rachel found work as a "domestic" in the household of Peter and Salley Lab by the time the enumerators took the 1860 census. She also had the care of her younger sister and brother, Sarah and Bethel.

Life must have been very hard.

Rachel married William S Fairweather on 17 Jan 1862 in Hamilton County.

William's family immigrated to the United States from Great Britain, sailing on the Nathaniel Hooper, which left Liverpool and docked at New York on 28 Jun 1841.

William was three years older than Rachel. She was his first wife, and the mother of his first 7 children.

Loss of family continued to follow Rachel. Her children were:
Sarah C Fairweather, 1863-1914
Mary Fairweather, born 1865
Samuel Fairweather, 2 Jan 1868-29 Feb 1868
James A Fairweather, 2 Dec 1870-17 Nov 1871
William Calvin Fairweather, 1871-1947
John Fairweather, 27 Oct 1875-10 Oct 1876
Charles Arthur Fairweather, born 1878.

Complications from Charles' birth may be what caused Rachel's death on 14 Mar 1878. She is buried in Presley Cemetery in Hamilton County, along with her youngest children and husband, William, who outlived three of his four wives. (William's third wife was Rachel's younger sister, Mary.)

It was Rachel's oldest daughter, Sarah, who carried the Manning line on to Arkansas.

Sarah C Fairweather married John William Brannon on 18 Oct 1881. Their son, William Earnest - a grandson Rachel never got to meet - was the grandfather of my dear stepmom.

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