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Essie and Elbert get hitched...

You never know until you ask...

I was informed that Essie Chapin and Elbert Carr married in Umatilla Co., OR on 13 May 1893.

So one day I called the Umatilla County Clerk to see if there was a copy of the marriage license.

She said yes, but they weren't married on 13 May, it was 1 May instead. She also said if I'd give her my address, she would mail the license and affidavit.

So I did.



The ceremony was performed at the cleryman's home, and it looks as if two of his relatives were the witnesses.

The affidavit says Essie was a resident of Umatilla Co., OR, and Elbert W Carr was a resident of Whitman County, WA.

So now I have another area of the country to search to find out more about Elbert W Carr.

One of the keepers of the (Essie Chapin) family Bible has been active with comments today. She is quite pissed that I use ~ gasp ~ historic records in my searches of the family history.

You know - stuff like census records, marriage, birth and death records, military records, obituaries, gravestone information, etc.

Apparently this stuff is not agreeing with her family Bible - and let me add, her oral family history as well - according to her most recent comment, which I deleted.

Her Bible and oral history gave forth the date of the marriage above as 13 May 1893. So this entry will probably make her blow a gasket.

I am getting very weary of someone who won't put up, and can't seem to shut up.

She needs her own blog.
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Wait, so you're not supposed to use official records because they might contradict family tradition?


*waits some more*

Nope, still doesn't make sense. But then, I come from a family where, when we realized we didn't know my maternal grandfather's actual year of birth (because he'd lied about his age so many times that by the time he died he himself no longer remembered how old he was), one of my sisters went to Britain and located his birth records so we could put the correct birth year on his wall plaque in the columbarium.

Re: Whitman County, I'm from that neck of the woods and IIRC their records are pretty darned good. You may find something useful about old Elbert in their archives.