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Bits and Pieces: Marriage records

I will update this entry from time to time as I run across all the marriage indices I've collected over the years from various Arkansas counties. The letter and number combination at the end of each record is the marriage book volume and page number.

Clark County, AR

Callaway, Allen Mason Lowery to Mary C Dunn, 8 Sep 1866. E-35.

Callaway, Nathaniel C to Julia Ann Wingfield, 25 Apr 1945. C-4

Callaway, John Nathaniel to Sarah A Williams, 7 Dec 1880. I-255

Callaway, Thomas Nathaniel (18) to Miss Isabel Holder (18), both of Greenville Twp., 17 Dec 1876. G-275

Pope County, AR

Armstrong, Freeman (19) to Eliza Atwell (20), 17 May 1874. D-351

Armstrong, James (31) of State of Texas, to Miss Sarah Childers (20) of Wilson Twp, 11 Mar 1878. E-217

Armstrong, John (18) to Minnie Armstrong (22), 4 Aug 1870. D-234

Arnett, H C (23) to Miss Mollie Bruce (22) both of Lee Twp., 1 May 1881. E-485

Arnett, M E (29) to Miss Fannie Gilpin (16) both of Russellville, 15 Jul 1886. F-228

Arnold, E M (25) to Miss America C Daily (15) both of Dover, 1 Oct 1885

Arnold, J N (19) to Miss Lulia Jackson (17) both of Atkins, 16 Feb 1890. F-452

Arnold, T J (26) of Russellville to Miss Nancy L Campbell (15) of Caglesville, 8 Dec 1889. F-444

Arter, J H (38) to Miss Mattie Dollar (22) both of Hector, 13 Jan 1889. F-382

Arthur, D S (22) of Hector to Miss Lenora Gooch (17) of Laurel, 15 Mar 1891. F-524

Arthur, Sol (38) to Miss Mary Guest (21) both of Hector, 24 Mar 1889. F-391

Arthur, Solomon (21) to Margaret Treadwell (19) of Searcy Co., 4 Sep 1870. D-241

Ashmore, G W (23) to Miss Nancy B Taylor (16) both of Gum Log Twp., 17 Dec 1882. F-54

Ashmore, James R (23) to Miss Monnett A Mortin (Minnie Ada Martin) (19) both of Economy, 24 Feb 1892. F-581

Ashmore, Robert to Rebecca Jane Garner, 22 Aug 1860, at res of Daniel Voss. D-42

Ashmore, Robert D (22) to Priscia Marella Mullins (22) 17 Aug 1865. D-96

Ashmore, Stephen R (24) to Martha Ann Keeton (26) 30 Sep 1866. D-137

Ashmore, William A (21) to Margaret Loyd (19) 15 Aug 1875. D-410

Atkins, W N (26) to Miss Ida J Cooper (20), both of Atkins, 19 Oct 1887. F-292

Atkins, W O (20) of Hickey Twp., to Miss D A Wilkins (16), of Johnson Co., 4 Oct 1877. E-167

Atom, Thomas J (24) to Miss Sallie Reed (17), both of Galla Rock Twp., 5 Feb 1877. E-110

Atwill, C H (28) to Miss Cynthia Parsons (28) both of Independence Twp., 22 Feb 1882. F-11

Austin, B P (24) to Miss Nancy Russell (19) both of Atkins, 3 Aug 1890. F-481

Austin, C H (20) to Miss Cynthia Geer (18) both of Potts Station., 2 Jan 1890. F-442

Austin, Charles H F (20) to Mary R Choate (16), 5 Sep 1869. D-213

Austin, D P (35) to E A Gracy (31), both of Gum Log Twp., 7 Aug 1879. E-315

Austin, E B (22) to Miss M C Reynolds (20), both of Dover Twp., 23 Dec 1880. E-452

Austin, James A (20) to Nancy J Bowden (20), 20 Sep 1860. D-39

Austin, James A (36) of Gum Log Twp., to Miss Laura Nowlen (20) of Moreland Twp., 8 Jul 1877. E-144

Austin, Joseph (24) of Galla Rock Twp., to Miss Mary Skeggs (18) of Gum Log Twp., 27 Aug 1879. E-351

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