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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2011-02-24 11:15 am
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Blogger is giving me fits today...

Several of the blogs I read hosted at Blogger are having trouble verifying my LiveJournal Open ID credentials as I post comments today.

On some of them, four tries before I was allowed to leave a comment.

I'm persistent. Comments were left.

But I was thinking of moving my everything else blog over to Blogger, and I wouldn't want other folks getting frustrated when they try to use Open ID to leave a comment, and just give up.

Anyone else going through multiple attempts for Open ID verification? If so, details please...

Maybe it's just a Blogger/LJ thing.

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With regards to cost, the Wordpress blog platform is free to everyone at So the cost of webhosting (which will also include free domain name registration), runs as cheap as $3.95 per month is a great deal!

With regards to maintenance, that will depend on your comfort level with dealing with websites (not necessarily dealing with html code) and the amount of time you want to spend with your site maintenance. I like LJ very much, but I find what I can do with it, in comparison to my other website -- which I am moving to a blog platform that I will have customized for re-launch by mid-March -- is so limited. My comfort level with setting up the database which runs the blog, as well as installing all of the software upgrades, themes, and plugins that make a blog functional, is above average. So where I love tinkering with website and now blog platforms, others may not like dealing with it.