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Confederate Soldiers Rest, Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis TN

I have "the book" written by John W Cothern called Confederates of Elmwood, and am happy to do look-ups for anyone. Just leave a comment to this entry or this one, and I will reply.


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If you are still able and willing to do this please let me know if there is more information in the book on:
Nalathiel P. Jackson, Pvt. Co H 12th Ark Inf CSA, buried 10/26/1861
William S. Jackson Pvt. Co H buried 10/21/1861
Richard T. Macon pvt. 1st Ark Cav CSA Co H buried 10/7/1863
A. M. Jackson Pvt. Co G 12th Ark Inf. CSA buried 10/20/1861