cindyw777 ([personal profile] cindyw777) wrote in [personal profile] dee_burris 2014-01-01 11:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Arkansas Orphan Train 1912


You are too kind to share all this information with me. Thank you Dee! I am so happy to learn so much about my Aunt Margaret as she was a sweet little lady.
How do you get the census data? I see the entry for my own Grandfather on the 1920 census page, which makes sense, as they built my grandmother a home on the same property "next door" when she married. For all relatives of Orphan train riders, I would like them to know that Margaret's story had a happy ending. I learned today from my Aunt that when Margaret married, my great grand parents hesitantly agreed, as they "didn't think he was good enough for her." What sounds more like a sign of true love than that? As no parent ever thinks a boy is good enough for their daughter.

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