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I found Frank Shephard's final resting place...

His obituary was published in The Daily Hawk-Eye Gazette) (Burlington, IA) on 11 Aug 1934.

Funeral Services For Frank Shephard Held at Church in Mt. Union
Special to the Hawk-Eye Gazette

Mt. Union, Ia., Aug. 11.—Funeral services for Frank Shephard were held at the Baptist church Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. C. A. Droz of Iowa City officiated, assisted by Rev. W. Williams of New Hampton, Ia., both being former pastors of the church here. They were assisted by Rev. Stevens, pastor of the M. E. church. Interment was made in the Scott Township cemetery near Winfleld.

Those attending the funeral from a distance were Mr. Sherman Shephard, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Witt and daughter, Betty Lou, of Sedalia, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shephard of Olds, Ia.; Mr. Harry Bolar, Merle, and Geraldine of New London, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Despain, Mrs. Ed Binder and son, all of Burlington; Mrs. H. L. Donovan of Burlington and Mrs. Addie Beauchamp of Winfield.

Note: The Scott Township Cemetery near Winfield is now called the Winfield and Scott Cemetery, and is located near Winfield, in Henry Co., IA.

I figured I would find him there.

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