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It was in a box of miscellany at a flea market. I have a hard time resisting those boxes.


Unknown date and location.

I think it must have been a child's funeral procession.

Date: 2011-02-07 02:56 am (UTC)
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It looks like the clothes my father wore in the 1920s, the ladies hats could be from that time or the 30s. I'm trying to see if it's southern. I don't see a pine tree anywhere.

I think that they get lost as overwhelmed relatives just throw things in boxes for the estate sale. I doubt that my son would know what to do with the pictures I have from before 1960. I'm not certain what I'm supposed to do with them really since I no longer know who half the people are and anyone that could tell me is dead. My family was good about writing in pencil on the back of photographs, though.

I've got to sit down and have a chat with the boy about what he thinks he might want. 53 seems young to have this talk but you never know. :-/

Date: 2011-02-07 03:05 am (UTC)
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I am trying to get mine down to a science. My son, my sister, and a very dear friend all know that the red flash drive has all the legal stuff on it, and the black flash drive has all the genealogy stuff on it, which includes stuff about 5 families not related to me...


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