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Tombstone Tuesday: John Crockett Burris

John Crockett Burris was the son of John and Cynthia Ann (Ashmore) Burris, who at the age of 1 year, made the journey with his parents, extended family and a multitude of neighbors from Lawrence Co., TN to Pope Co., AR in 1838 in an ox drawn wagon party.


John Crockett Burris, 4 Apr 1837-10 Jun 1880
Ford Cemetery, Pope Co., AR

John married Sarah Ann Harrelson, daughter of Claiborne C and Phebe Harrelson on 7 Apr 1859. John and Sarah had one child, James Mitchell Burris, before John joined Confederate troops at Dover on 20 Jun 1862. By 24 Aug 1863, he must have had enough of war, because the Confederate Army said he deserted, and gave a description of him in its records - Ht 5' 7", eyes gray, hair drk, complx lt, farmer, age 25, born in TN.

John and Sarah went on to have six more children, several of whom died before adulthood. Sarah is also buried at Ford Cemetery, as are children Phoebe Ann Burris (1866-1884), Mollie (1874 - 1879), Carrie Louella (1875-1884), and John Marion (1878-1879), born one week before his mother died on 8 Dec 1878.

Sarah Ann Harrelson Burris, 1838-1878

Carrie Louella Burris

John Marion Burris

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