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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: A boy and his car...

It wasn't his first car, but my dad earned his 1937 Ford.

He bought it from an elderly neighbor, Mrs. Toby, in 1952.

He paid $5 down, and $5 a week to her.

Until he got it paid in full, Mrs. Toby did not let him drive it, although she did let him back it out of the garage into the driveway and put it back again.

His father asked him one day how much he owed Mrs. Toby.

Dad told him after he made that week's $5 payment, his balance would be $10.

Granddaddy pulled a $10 bill out of his wallet...

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I can't tell you how much I love this picture. It stirs up all kinds of memories for me of the most significant summer of my life. Strange how memory works.

Granddaddies are the best.

(Anonymous) 2011-01-27 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
Love this picture. Uncle Bill looks so much like Granddaddy, even in this photo. What an exciting moment this must have been for your dad.


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I love the story associated with your photo! Okay, I'm new to gene-blogging, but I've noticed "Wordless Wednesdays" on quite a few genealogy blogs I've visited. I just may join in on this fun viral tradition and post some photos of folks from my family tree online too! -- Marlive

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Oh, please do...I do so love seeing all the old photos people post.

And you never know...a cousin might see a photo, race to the closet and pull down an album, and email you to see if you want to swap photos...

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You've convinced me; I'm excited what this posting may lead to, too! I will start looking through old photos Sunday afternoon to begin selecting pictures to share online. Are there any other weekly viral activities that you and other bloggers participate in? Let me know!

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I don't stick religiously to the blogging prompts.

I am fond of Wordless Wednesday, because I have been blessed with a bushel basket load of photos from my Burris and Williams branches on the tree.

And I just posted a Sunday's obituary...when I have luck with the old newspapers, that gives me plenty for those posts.

But mostly, I just write...and many of my posts are me thinking out loud.