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Mystery Monday solved...

A phone call to Roselawn Memorial Park was all it took to find out if Josiah Hazen Shinn was really buried there.

He is. His remains were disinterred from Oakland Cemetery in Russellville, and reinterred at Roselawn on 24 Oct 1931, just a few months before Minnie died.

Which makes me wonder if she had a lingering illness and wanted his remains removed and reburied before she died...

But who is the little girl?

And where is the original stone?

One answer always leads to another question (or 12), doesn't it?

Re: Mystery Monday

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Nope, no information about the original stone.

It was an administrative assitant working off an old handwritten record.

She did ask for complete dates of birth and death for Josiah to complete the record, and a complete date of birth for Minnie.