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Mystery Monday: Things that make you go hmmm...

Can't reconcile these.

One has to be a cenotaph.

Josiah Hazen Shinn is buried beside his wife, Mildred Carleton Williams Shinn, in Roselawn Memorial Park in Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR.

Isn't he?

I mean, I photographed their graves. Personally.

It wasn't an hallucination.

I can prove it.

The stone for the family plot...

Josiah's marker, at the foot of his grave...

Minnie's marker, at the foot of her grave...

So what is this?


It looks like a gravestone for Josiah Hazen Shinn to me.

In another cemetery.

A devoted husband and loving father. He has entered into the fullness of life. He lived a peaceful, constructive and an honorable life and such a life smiles at death. He lived no inglorious life and came to a peaceful and glorious death. He was the bough broken under the load of ripened fruit and such as he have passed into God's acre, the christian's home.

And the earth is mounded up behind the stone. There's a footstone there. Like a fairly recent grave.

Next to a retaining wall very similar to the one that surrounds the (former) Williams family plot in Oakland Cemetery, Russellville, AR. Where Katharine Leah Williams is buried. She was Minnie's niece.

And who is that little girl bearing flowers...

How intersting

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Let us know if you ever find out! I wonder why they didn't reuse his stone if they moved him - it's so much more ornate than his other one. Maybe they didn't have money to make a matching one for his wife? I wonder what happened to it.


Re: How intersting

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I called Roselawn.

He was disinterred from Oakland in Russellville and reinterred at Roselawn just a few months before Minnie died. They did not know anything about the other stone.

So now, I have more questions. (