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Matrilineal Monday: Essie Chapin

My direct line of Chapins in this generation are quite frustrating to track. This generation seems to be the most nomadic of the bunch, and Essie was no exception. I imagine she, as did her siblings, got their wanderlust from their father, who moved their family from New York westward between the 1880 federal census and the 1885 Kansas State Census.

She was born in Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, in August 1870, and was the ninth of ten children born to Nathaniel Foster Chapin and Elizabeth Harris.

Apparently, Essie's first marriage to Joseph Shepherd occurred in 1889 in Kansas (if anyone knows of a way to get a definitive marriage date other than me traveling to Kansas to do so, please let me know). They had a daughter, Broshia S Shepherd (born 27 Jan 1890), and then Joseph died.

With the help of another Chapin descendant from this line, I was able to puzzle through the birth and actual surname of Essie's second child, Elbert Carr, as well as get some further information on her second, third and fourth marriages to Elbert C Carr, Joseph H Lebolt and Daniel J Finn, respectively. According to that cousin:

Essie Chapin married Elbert Carr in Oregon, because she was pregnant with his son, Elbert. Broshia was her child by Joseph Shephard. Thus, Elbert was named after his father and Broshia and Elbert were half brother and sister. I don't know what happened to Elbert Carr, but Essie did marry LeBolt - his family were jewelers and silversmiths in the Chicago area. Essie and Dan Finn were married later. Ward Finn was not Essie's natural child, he was adopted by her. They moved to Altoona, Pa. because Essie’s family (the Chapins) were carpenters and owned lumber mills. As the Pennsylvania Railroad expanded, the Chapins had contracts to mill lumber for railroad ties. Altoona, Pa was (a "boom town" at one time) one of the fastest growing cities in the USA in the late 1800's because of the Pennsylvania Railroad expansion. Of course, Altoona became a repressed city when the railroads failed. The Chapins moved around a great deal because they followed the railroad business.

After the birth of Elbert, Jr., Essie moved back to Bourbon Co., KS for a while - she was there for the 1895 Kansas State Census, and the 1900 Federal Census. By 1910, she had relocated with her children to Altoona, PA., where she lived out the remainder of her life.

Oddly, when she died on 14 Dec 1948, she was buried as Essie Lebolt Finn.

Essie is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Altoona, Blair Co., PA.

Chapin Genealogy

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Samuel Chapin, the Puritan, is also my ancestor. I enjoy your posts about the Chapins, since your line traveled so far from Massachusetts. I was born there, so we are from the boring side of the family!

Re: Chapin Genealogy

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Lol...but yours stayed in the same place. They had to be easier to track...

Mine were such adventuring nomads...

Elbert Carr Shephard

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Dear Dee,

Thank you for the information on Essie Chapin. She was my great grandmother. I am Steven Judd Shephard, 59 year-old retired historian and archaeologist living in Springfield, Virginia. The story in my family is that when EC Shephard (my grandfather) was 2 years old, his family...Essie, Broshia and EC, were abandoned by their father Frank Shephard. The only mention of other husbands od Essie was a vague mention that she later married a man named Finn. I am very interested in tracing back the line of Frank Shephard and have little information. I have a photocopy of a REPLACEMENT birth certificate for EC Shephard, born Sept. 5, 1891, issued Feb. 3, 1932 or 1942 (date blurred). It lists his father as Franklin Shephard, 20 years old, undertaker, born in Fairfield,Iowa and residing in Ft. Scott, KS at time of birth. It lissts his mother as Essie Chapin, 19 years old, housewife, born in Olean, NY, residng in Ft. Scott KS. I would very much like to know the date and place of death of Joseph (Franklin?) Shephard and the date and place of marriage of Essie and Elbert C. Carr. It seems a real question as to why the baby is given the name of Essie's second husband and surname of the first husband. Who is the biological father? This of course is an important question to me. I would REALLY appreciate any information I could obtain about this. I can be reached at: Thank you very much!!


Re: Elbert Carr Shephard

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Am replying to you by email with the little detail I have...

Re: Elbert Carr Shephard

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My name is Broshia P (Boorman) Bless. Essie was my great grandmother. My grandmother was Broshia Shephard, although she preferred usining the surname of LeBolt. I encountereed this thread much by happenstance--

Re: Elbert Carr Shephard

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Do not rely on Dee's info. She miscopied and stated speculations from my earlier posts on other sites as facts. I am Essie's great-grandaughter. Essie and Elbert C.Carr married in Oregon. Essie later married Lebolt and fianlly Dan Finn. I too, would like more information on Joseph Shephard. But I am quite positive of the facts I am telling you regarding Essie.

Stop copying others research

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Please stop copying information that I have posted on site as your own. I am Essie's great- grandaughter. I am not clear how you think that you are related? I know quite a bit about her, her family and siblings. The original Bible records are in my posession. I fail to see any research that you have down (other than copying othr's research). I also fail to see any relationship there would be to you and Essie. After copying my italicized post you claim that I am your cousin? Hopefully you are not being paid for this faulty pseudo research.

Re: Stop copying others research

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I'm her brother Fred's great great granddaughter.

Re: Stop copying others research

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The quote from you above in italics is the only information from you that I've used.

A different light has been cast on your information above though, since E C Shephard's (and that's what his family called him) grandson sent me his birth certificate, as well as family history information his grandfather wrote in his own hand.

So yes, you and I are cousins. There were 10 children in Nathaniel and Elizabeth Chapin's family - most of them also had children. So we have a lot of Chapin cousins out there just from this branch of the Chapin family alone.

I think that's neat. However, it seems to bother you.

Re: Stop copying others research

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Bravo--You are right on with the comments 'bout cuzzie--
Ofcourse I know who is in possession of the Bible -and as a child spent many a bored moments not only rifling through documents (family secrets)--but hearing first hand
When copying someone else's work and taking credit for it -at least try to get it right
BTW if this chickiecousin is related, I think I get the family estrangement

Re: Stop copying others research

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Go look up her message board post - that's a verbatim quote.

Here's the link. (

You have to scroll down to the reply dated 27 Dec 2009.

I left out the part about Nathaniel's dad being Nathan Foster Chapin. That had me on a wild goose chase for a couple of years. As I stated in a recent blog entry, now I know Nathaniel's father was Joel.
Edited 2011-02-05 17:46 (UTC)

Re: Stop copying others research

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Again your information is just straight out inaccurate. This is points out the dangers of the internet and the ability for someone to spread mis-information as fact. You have two different Chapin families intertwined as one.

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PS Essie called him Bert

More Poor Information

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It is interseting that you think that Joseph Boorman had a World War 2 Draft card signed in 1942. Please check the few facts that you seem to have. In 1942.. the Joseph Boorman that you speak of, would have been a little old for the military.