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Dec. 17th, 2010 07:31 pm
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Super fast shipping on the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner. I ordered it two days ago.

I think I am in love.

It is as easy as they say, right out of the box. Moving parts are kept to a minimum. (Tip: do not discard your USB adaptor, thinking it is one of those little screaming plastic anti-theft things on the end of the packing...)

The default settings are scans at 300 dpi and 2 minutes before it goes to "sleep mode." I changed those. The only editing of photos I have done is cropping.

But I did scan this photo first at 300 dpi...

And then, at 600 dpi...

(That's my nephew several years ago...isn't he a cutie?)

All the remaining scans in this post were scanned on the 600 dpi setting.

It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of stitching. The photo below is the same one I posted yesterday. The photo in that post was scanned on my desktop scanner.

A newspaper clipping from 1943...

Other than the amazing portability of the scanner, I was most intrigued by the demo on 3D scans...

So I went hunting for grandma and great grandma's jewelry...

My grandma's necklace, purchased eons ago when she went to the Bahamas...


A piece from Great Grandma was always handed around the circle of oohing and aahing little great granddaughters, who were told it was the coral lavalier. It now hangs on the end of my prayer beads.

Some of you may not like smoky quartz clusters, but look at the detail of the dust that clung to the window protector sheet I used to keep from scratching the scanner glass!

Okay, and a couple of hairs from my Tigger cat...

I love this little guy...the only caution I have is that the little green "go" button is quite touchy...when you have the lid off and are picking the scanner up to move on to something else, it's real easy to get inadvertent scans.

Go on and get one. You know you want it.

Same disclaimer as before. I paid them. And it was an exceptional investment.
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