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Chapins in Oneida, Madison County, NY

Nathan Chapin (1797-1842) had a brother, Samuel (1806-1903). Samuel had a son Dwight (born 1835) - Dwight was your Nathan Chapin's nephew. Dwight served in the Civil War in the Oneida Independent Cavalry Company with my gr-gr-grandfather, George Burton Dyer. After the war, Dwight Chapin married Hannah Dyer, George's cousin.

Dwight Chapin played a role in George Dyer's funeral arrangements in 1905.

From George's obit: "It was his expressed desire, shortly before his demise, that his body be borne to the grave in Glenwood, by some of the survivors of his old company. Dwight Chapin was apprised of this fact through a communication from a son of the deceased and made arrangements accordingly, himself, Joseph Veiling and Patrick Clark, of this city, and Treat Miner, of Georgetown, serving as bearers and accompanying the body to Glenwood Tuesday afternoon." (see more at ).

I realize this isn't your direct line, but thought it was interesting the relationship between the Dyers and the Chapin family in the Oneida NY area.

Karen the AncesTree Sprite

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