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What happened to Mace Callaway?

He was only 30 years old when he died. He married my great great grandmother in 1866, when he was 19 years old and she was 17. He lied about his age to get married. He must have looked 28 at the time.

Allen Mason Lowery "Mace" Callaway was the first of five children born to Nathaniel C and Julia Ann (Wingfield) Callaway.

Allen Mason Lowery Callaway, 3 Jan 1847 - 15 Feb 1877

I have been unable to find Mace's grave...I suspected he might be buried at DeGray Baptist Church Cemetery, because I know he, his wife, Mary, and his mother Julia Ann (Wingfield) Callaway attended church there. At the Holder/Callaway family reunion in Clark Co., on 27 Jun 2010, one of my Callaway kin gave me copies of pages of the church minutes, which said:
After Divine Service by the pastor the Church met in Conference...There being charges perfered (sic) against brother Mason Calaway (sic) for immoral conduct, a committee consisting of brothers Jno B Smith and Harry Haise was the appointed to see brother Calaway and against him to come before the Church at the next conference meeting and give satisfaction... Bethel Union Dec 11th 1869

The next entry that mentioned Mace was dated Jan 8th 1870.
After Divine Service by the pastor, the Church met in Conference. Brother Mason Calaway (sic) came forward and made acknowledgements, was forgiven of his error, and restored to the fellowship of the Church. The committee appointed to see Brother Calaway (sic) were then discharged.

That has me wondering if he was not in the good graces of the church at the time of his death at age 30 and may have been denied the right to be buried in the cemetery, but I have no leads as to other possible locations of his grave.

And it's very curious to me that he and Mary only had one child in eleven years of marriage. I have found no evidence of other live or stillbirths. Mary's obituary said she only had three children, and two of those were with the husband she married after Mace died.

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