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2013-11-21 09:10 am


Not a happy camper with Family Tree DNA - hereafter FTDNA.

For two reasons.

This is the company we used to get yDNA test results for my dad. No problems with that.

With dad's permission, I made his test results available to the Burris Surname Project at FTDNA.

Have been getting matches by email for three years now. No problems with that.

And last weekend, got an email from the "administrator" of the Burris Surname Project, casually informing me that as the administrator of the Project, he had uploaded a GEDCOM to overwrite mine.

Excuse me?!?

I'm sure you can only imagine the tone and tenor of my reply to him. You'd be right.

So then, I sent a written complaint to FTDNA through their website form.

Their reply to me was just incredible...
20 Nov 2013

Thank you for writing to Family Tree DNA. I apologize for the inconvenience of the group admin changing your GEDCOM. When you change it back do they go in and delete it again? They shouldn't be changing people's GEDCOM's if they don't want them changed. If the problem persists you can leave the group at any time.

I apologize again for the deletion of your GEDCOM, but thank you for being a customer with Family Tree DNA.

Excuse me?!?
My reply...
So the option is to leave the group, and any contacts I might get on that particular surname are hidden to me?

Rather than telling the administrator to cut that out?

Does not seem like an equitable solution to me. I'll blog about it and see if I am in the minority in my opinion.

Oh shit.

She's going to blog about it. We better actually do something.

Four emails later, the customer service guy came back and gave me the text of the email FTDNA sent to the administrator of the Burris Surname Project.

I thanked him for handling my complaint in an appropriate fashion.

And asked him when FTDNA was going to answer my other, outstanding inquiry.

About the import of my aunt's mtDNA test results from DNA Heritage, which was acquired by FTDNA in April 2011.

The response from FTDNA to that query has morphed from (email of 20 Nov 2013)...
Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, DNA Heritage tested different mtDNA panels than Family Tree DNA does, so we cannot accept transfers of mtDNA from DNA Heritage. If would like to have your mtDNA results in our database, you would have to order an mtDNA test with Family Tree DNA.

To this one, after I would not drop the subject of the query (email of 21 Nov 2013):
Unfortunately, we do not have DNA Heritage's mtDNA database.

Seriously?? You bought the company, but only Y DNA test results?

So all the mtDNA customers from Heritage - a company you bought - can spend more money again, to test with you?

Um, no. Thanks for that very generous offer that lines your pockets.
In case you have spiders trolling the web, Family Tree DNA, this post should be picked up within 24 hours.

I will never use your company again.
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2013-11-21 10:03 am

Wedding photos...

My mother and father married on 19 May 1956.

These photos were taken in the home of my maternal grandparents, Joe Duffie Williams and Doris Geneva Balding.



 photo Mom.jpg
Judith Ann Williams, 1937-2004

 photo cuttingusethis.jpg

 photo cake.jpg

 photo MomandDad.jpg

I cropped this one. It shows a happy young couple, envisioning a wonderful life together.
 photo BillandJudyclose.jpg

Sadly, that wonderful life did not materialize in the 23 years of their marriage, although there certainly were happy moments.

That, however, as well as my complex relationship with my parents - both highly complex people - is a subject for future posts.