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2012-01-31 06:03 pm

Balding sibling photos...

More treasures from Aunt Ruth's scrapbook...

Russell Ellington (also known all his life as Linky) and Marvin Balding. Photo circa 1922.

Vera Virginia, Doris Geneva (my grandmother) and Marion Chapin Balding (also known as Murnie). Photo circa 1922.

Marvin and Vera. Photo circa 1926/27.

I am having a blast looking through these photos.

Much thanks to my California cousin for getting them scanned so the whole family can enjoy them...
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2012-01-31 06:13 pm
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Grandma in her bathing suit...

This one has got to be one of my favorites...

I understand my grandmother made her suit herself.

She was always good with a needle.

Look at her monogram...

Doris Geneva Balding, early 1920s