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2011-11-19 06:53 pm
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We may get all those Burrises identified yet...

The ones in my huge family portrait, circa 1920s, in the static entry at the top of the blog.

I've been getting some emails from a second cousin, once removed, who found the blog and is comparing notes with her mom.

And I'm hoping they will agree to do a guest blog post here.

~genealogy happy-dance~
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2011-11-19 06:58 pm

Sepia Saturday: Baldings, circa 1958

Sadly, none of these folks are still living, with the possible exception of the unidentified one.

Left to right: Ruth Lucille (Balding) Brandon, Eugene Victor Balding, son Larry Eugene Balding, wife Lucille Balding, unidentified, Hattie Belle (Chapin) Balding