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2011-08-08 11:01 am

Putting it in perspective...

My sister and I were talking last weekend about when we wanted to get together.

We each had a few chores to get done before we could kick back, and one we had in common was the laundry. She mentioned she liked to get hers done early in the summer, so the clothes dryer didn't heat up the house.

I mused about that as I started my own laundry.

About a time when doing the laundry was truly a chore.
All photos below from the Library of Congress.

Happy Laundry Girls, 1891

1900, location unknown


New Orleans courtyard, 1920-26

61st Street, NYC, summer of 1938

laundry room of a model home in Greendale, WI, March 1937
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2011-08-08 08:39 pm

We'll take a closer look at it, then...

Apparently my post about what I believe to be the very old Freeman homeplace has caused a bit of a stir with some folks.

One being my cousin-in-law, who is almost sure it isn't, and said as much to the two Freeman descendants who came to look at it up close and in person this past weekend.

He has his reasons - which he and I discussed by phone earlier this evening.

One of them being that it is not a dogtrot house, since they were usually two cabins, each with its own fireplace, with a breezeway in the middle.

And he's right about that - it isn't a dogtrot.

And I didn't say it was.

I said it is a shotgun house which was very popular with poor people, and very easily added on to, as we see in the homestead I *still* believe is the Freeman place.

My reasons are more mundane. There's that matter of the nearby creek, which isn't where it needs to be in the southwest part of Section 11 cousin-in-law says the house is in, but is there in Section 14, where I say it is.

So we'll be looking at some more plat books...