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Woodrow L. Rainey, S. 1/c.
Woodrow L Rainey, S. 1/c., 28, was killed in action in the South Pacific, the Navy Department has advised his wife, Mrs. Myrtle Nolen Rainey. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Rainey of the Griffin Flat community.

Woodrow's parents were Edgar Clarence Rainey and Millie Mae Burris, making him my 4th cousin.

His parents placed this stone in Appleton Cemetery in Pope County, AR in memory of him, although they were unable to bury his remains.

Woodrow Lyle Rainey, 1916-26 Mar 1945
Seaman, 1st Class USN
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I glance up a short distance north of my home and I see the old yard where Rev. Julian Brannon and his first wife, whose maiden name was Gadd, and their children, Sarah, Minerva, Betty Mary, Ancil, Joseph, Russell and Doonie, used to live. Julian's first wife died there in about the year 1864. Julian swapped farms with Rev. James Givens and moved to his new home, and James and his wife and children moved to their home. Rev. Julian Brannon and Rev. James Givens were both Baptist preachers. Julian, at that time was pastor of a church in Blount County, and in 1865 he was married to his second wife, whose maiden name was Hannah Bryant.

Julian and Hannah had two children whom they named Hannah Missouri and Nancy Jane. Hannah Missouri Brannon was born March 22, 1866. She professed faith in our Savior in early girlhood days and joined Bethlehem Baptist Church and remained a member of that church until her death, which occurred on June 29, 1934. She was married to Elijah Harris on December 14, 1884. Elijah Harris, son of Monroe and Oma Gibson Harris was born June 20,1857 and died May 14, 1934.

For almost half a century Hannah and Elijah traveled life's pathway together. They had nine children; Laura, Stella, Mary J., Francis, Benton, Charlie, Robert, Henry and Gib, all of whom are living and all are married except Henry. Besides their nine children they had fifty-one grandchildren.

Only six weeks and one day did Hannah live after her husband died. Both were buried in New Bethel Cemetery; Rev. Will Crye and Rev. Arthur White conducted Elijah's funeral services from New Bethel Church; Rev. George B. McCrary and Rev. Hoyt Shadden conducted Hannah's funeral services fron New Bethel Church. Elijah and Hannah had both been invalids for some years, Dr. Bagwell, Dr. Leonard and Dr. Kimbrough all gave them medical attention. Henry Harris stayed right with his parents and gave them all his time and attention for several years; now Henry is left alone at home the same as I am. Biereley Funeral Home had charge of the preparation for burial of the remains of both Elijah and Hannah.

Jane, I want to say to you here, that I took my aluminum dipper after your sister Hannah died, and went down to the home of Mrs. Callie Duggan and told her that I wanted to go to the old Bethlehem School House spring in her field and get me a drink of water where Hannah and I were so often together as schoolmates; and I said to her, "I want to call over the roll from memory, of the boys and girls who were our school mates there, now more then fifty years ago; and I want to write about this schoolmate who has now answered the roll call up yonder."

Callie said, "yes, Georgia, go drink again from the old school house spring in memory of Hannah, and also write something about her, for she is worthy of a tribute of respect."

And now this tribute is in memory of my schoolmate, Hannah, and Callie's cousin Elijah.

With kindest sympathy to you, Jane, Charlie, Henry and all the bereaved relatives, I am your friend.

Georgia A

This article first appeared under an Interesting News heading in the Route Six, Monroe Co (TN) Democrat on Wednesday, July 18, 1934. Before I found this, I was unaware of Julian Brannon's second marriage, so I knew nothing of Hannah Missouri (Brannon) Harris. Now, I've got a lot of details to sort out for her family.

Hannah Missouri Brannon was the first cousin, 4 times removed of my step-mom.


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