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2011-01-31 11:01 am
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An Ashmore cousin came to call...

Via email.

I love it when that happens.

She and I are related through Joshua Bloomer Ashmore.

So I'm putting the information about Joshua Senior, and all the begats for the next generation following here...

First Generation

1. Joshua Bloomer Ashmore Sr was born in 1760 in Maryland. He died on 8 Jul 1846 in Pope Co., AR.

Joshua married Mary Henderson in 1797 in Lawrence Co, Tennessee. Mary was born about 1780 in North Carolina. She died about 1850.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Andrew Sawyer Ashmore was born in 1798. He died on 13 Oct 1853.

+ 3 M ii. Joshua Bloomer Ashmore Jr was born on 25 Jul 1799. He died on 10 Oct 1862.

+ 4 M iii. Robert (Ellet) Doke Ashmore was born on 5 Jul 1800. He died on 27 Oct 1862.

+ 5 F iv. Cynthia Ann Ashmore was born on 16 Jun 1806. She died in 1881.

+ 6 F v. Athalinda Ashmore was born about 1808.

7 M vi. John Calvin Ashmore was born in 1810 in Lawrence Co., TN.
John married (1) Polly Rea (Ray) on 13 Mar 1824 in Lawrence Co., TN. Polly died before Mar 1827 in Lawrence Co., TN.
John married (2) Letty Rea (Ray) on 26 Mar 1827 in Lawrence Co., TN.

+ 8 F vii. Jasinda Ashmore was born in 1811. She died in 1870.

+ 9 F viii. Lucinda Ashmore was born in 1814.

The second generation gets really heavy with Burrises...
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2011-01-31 03:13 pm
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Anyone get this?

We all have famuggles. (Defined by Margel in her blog entry (in the singular) as Non family historian/genealogist who can be identified by the rolling eyes and loud sighs as family relationships are attemped to be explained by the more enlightened. Famuggles often co-exist in family units alongside family genealogists.)

And if you are lucky and hold your mouth right, you have a small cheering section - family members who are interested in your research, and really want the answer to, however in the world did you find THAT out?

In my small cheering section is one relative who is enlightened, but always disappointed, that the research shows that the old family lore about our being related to someone famous just isn't true.

She wants us to be part of a dynasty.

And we are. Several of them. Most of them had descendants who frittered away the wealth or did something to get themselves cut out of the will.

Just not a *famous* one...
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2011-01-31 03:31 pm
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Amanuensis Monday: A father's gift to his daughter...

FOR HER CARE, DATED: 19 May 1845.
Know all men by these present that I, Alexander Meek of Marshall County, State of Mississippi. In consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear toward my daughter Charlotte Meek of same County and state, and the affectionate care she has given me in my old age, and for the sum of one dollar by her to be paid, and by these I do bargain and sell to my daughter one negro slave (woman) named Harriet, about 17 years of age, and her infant child named Adeline and their increase, also one good horse, saddle and bridle, one cow and calf and half of all my household and kitchen furniture, and I hereby covenant to and with my daughter that if I depart this life without having set apart to her, the horse, cow, calf and kitchen furniture above conveyed is to be taken in full satisfaction of the claim to a distributive share of my estate, so as to leave the residue of my property to be devided (sic) amongst my other children.

In testimony thereof I set my seal
This May 19, 1845
Alexander Meek

The above was transcribed from Volume 2: Guy Meek Family, Descendants #36-#84, at page 413. Digitized at this website.

Alexander Meek was the son of Thomas (IV) and Virginia Ann Meek. Charlotte T Meek took care of her father after the death of her mother, Elizabeth Keys in 1841 until she married Samuel M Blocker on 24 Aug 1856. Charlotte's father died on 8 Sep 1857, after falling and breaking a hip while playing with his grandchildren at the home of his son, Jefferson John Meek.

Alexander Meek was buried in the Meek Family Cemetery, Laws Hill, Marshall Co., MS.