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2011-01-17 09:53 am

Breaking through walls on a rainy day...

I found Mary Emily Conner's parents and siblings.

This was a seven year brick wall. And as so often happens, I had to go back and look at records I already had.

The 1900 census...in Russellville, Pope Co., AR.

Mary was a 62 year old widow. Her son and daughter were married and lived with their families in Pope Co. In that census, her 22 year old nephew, Curtis Conner, lived with her.

Only the enumerator had listed him as Conner Curtis, and for seven years, I just blew by that.

So it was on to discover who Curtis' father was, because he had to be Mary's brother.

And he was.

I found a lone family tree at Ancestry that was heavily sourced with lots of details about James Alfred Conner, Mary's older brother. Mary was in the tree, but the tree's owner didn't know anything about her, or many of the other siblings.

There's a photograph of their mother on that tree, in addition to lots of information about James Conner. James served in the Civil War, and I just spent about an hour on Footnote, reviewing muster roll and other military records on him. When he enlisted at Sardis, MS, he was enrolled by Capt. Jefferson John Meek, Mary's father-in-law.

I've contacted the owner of the tree, and offered the information, including photos that I have of Mary.

I just love it when this happens.
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2011-01-17 01:00 pm
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Mystery Monday solved...

A phone call to Roselawn Memorial Park was all it took to find out if Josiah Hazen Shinn was really buried there.

He is. His remains were disinterred from Oakland Cemetery in Russellville, and reinterred at Roselawn on 24 Oct 1931, just a few months before Minnie died.

Which makes me wonder if she had a lingering illness and wanted his remains removed and reburied before she died...

But who is the little girl?

And where is the original stone?

One answer always leads to another question (or 12), doesn't it?
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2011-01-17 04:15 pm

Tombstone Tuesday: Angels in Stone


Calvary Cemetery, Little Rock, AR


112 year old stone, Mt Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, AR


Mt Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, AR


Mt Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, AR

Oakland Cemetery, Little Rock, AR
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2011-01-17 05:49 pm
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My discovery of the day...

is DeadFred.

Now I have a place to go with photos of people I don't know...

And people I do...I've already uploaded several. And I've added the DeadFred search box to my blog profile page.

I love sharing.