Dec. 1st, 2010

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My grandfather Williams and his father spelled their names the way they did.

Jo with no "e." I used to tell my grandmother they didn't know how to spell. She just smiled.

But I had to dig deeper into the history of my great great grandfather, Jacob Williams, to make the discovery.

Jacob was the son of David Williams and Elizabeth Rowe. He was the second of their six children, born in Virginia in 1822.

Jacob married Catharine Mueller in 1848 in Franklin Co., KY, where his parents had moved their family when he was a teenager. They had five children before the Civil War started. When war broke out, Jacob enlisted in the 5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Company K.

I've been giving my Footnote account a workout lately, looking for military service records for all my primary family tree surnames. (I am quite Type A, so I've been looking at records in alpha order...took me a while to get to Williams.)

And there it was...the name of the first son born to Jacob Williams after the war was over.

Jo Desha. The bottom of the muster roll cards for Jacob's Civil War service say, in part, "...directed to report to General Preston who was to attach them to other companies to form a battalion under the command of Capt Jo Desha."

That was Captain Jo Desha, who miraculously arose from near death due to being shot in the head with a cannon ball, remarked to his men, "I am all right I believe," and went back to the line.

My great grandfather, Jo Desha Williams, was born on 12 May 1866 in Franklin Co., KY.

He named one of his sons (my granddad), Jo Duffie Williams.

Who named his son (my uncle), Joe Carleton ("e" added in this generation).

That is just way cool.

And a heavy-duty case of hero worship carried forward for three generations.
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Left to right: Hattie (Chapin) Balding, Jo Carleton "Buddy" Williams, Sue (Keene) Williams, Russell Ellington "Linky" Balding, Judith Ann (Williams) Burris Neumann, Jo Duffie Williams, Lucille Balding.

Sadly, only one of those folks is still alive.
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Doris (Balding) Williams, 1907-1998 and her sister, Vera (Balding)King, 1910-1999


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