Someone wrote in [personal profile] dee_burris 2010-12-14 11:45 pm (UTC)

Facebook for Genealogists

I guess I am biased to using Facebook since I've developed a class called Facebook for Genealogists. I focus mainly on privacy and let attendees know that it isn't just Facebook - as a user, when you provide info, you have a responsibility to read the Terms of Services of that site and understand what they are doing with that data. I do agree that Facebook's approach has not always been to be upfront with its users.

However, I've seen many genealogists and family historians use Facebook in a very focused manner: queries, lookups, recommendations on sources and software, surname searches, etc. This is what I tell folks - forget the games, the apps, the pokes. Stay focused and Facebook can help you with your genealogy.

Thomas MacEntee

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