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Amanuensis Monday

Just about every researcher of the Burris line that starts with William Burris born about 1782 would give his/her eyeteeth to be able to find the identities of William Burris' parents.

They remained unidentified in 1937, according to a letter I found in the Burriss/Burress/Burris family folder at the Lawrence Co., TN Archives.

The letter was written (or more likely, dictated) by William Andrew Burris, son of James Littleton Burris, and grandson of the elusive William. In 1937, William Andrew would have been 84 years old - he died six years later in Oklahoma.

Settled in Pennsylvania. Scotch Irish. Sent to Virginia. My grandfather William Burris was a in-denture boy. There he lost trace of his people. Was taken to Lawrenceburg Tenn. There he raised his family and died there.

Children all borned in Tenn. John Burris, Frank Burris, Jonathan Burris, Richard Burris, Carle Burris, James Burris and Sinday Burris whom married a Mason. Nancy Burris whom married a Wiggs. They was another girl whose name I do not have.

John Burris went to Pope Co., Ark. Nov. 1839. His family consist of 3 boys Bill, Frank, John and 3 girls.

Jonathan Burris went to Reelfoot Lake Kentuckey. His family consisted of 3 boys, Stan, Wily and Hue.

Richard stayed in Tenn. One boy Henry and one girl.

Carle moved to Bates Co., MO and died there. His family consist of 6 boys. Lonzo, Toney, Max, James, John and William.

James moved to Pope Co., Ark. His family consist of 6 boys. Frank, John, Bill, George, Jeff and Dick. 3 girls.

Frank moved to Pope Co., Ark. His family consist of 3 boys John, Bill and James. They were 3 girls.

They was one uncle who went to Texas that was lost track of.

This July 2, 1937
By William Andrew Burris

There were two things I learned from this letter.

Counter to oral family history, Jonathan Burris did not drown while crossing the Mississippi River with his brothers during their 1838 emigration from Lawrence Co to Pope Co., AR.

William Burris' parentage has always been a mystery in the family.

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