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Here are some of the *free* research resources I use that may not be on everyone's radar.

Books We Own
So how about all those books you've collected over the years? You got what you needed out of them, but what if someone else could get benefit from them too, and you'd still get to keep them?

This is a look-up service, and a really good idea, whether you are a donor or recipient of information. (Gentle nudge: you can be a volunteer...I just signed up.)

From my brief glance, it appears to include books owned by people world-wide.

Arkansas Civil War Research
For Arkansas researchers, there is the Edward G. Gerdes Civil War Home Page for Arkansas.

I don't know how many years it took them, but these guys have done a spectacular job with their research. Although there is more coverage of Confederate soldiers, they do have quite a bit on Union troops from Arkansas.

Illnesses and Causes of Death
So what is scrofula or quinsy when you see it as an illness or cause of death?

Causes of Death in the Late 19th Century mentioned in the Register of Deaths, 1893-1907 defines these and a whole lot more...

If you can't find it there, then try this one.

Historic Money Conversion
Ever wonder just how much great-great grandpa's estate was worth in 1870? Try this historic currency converter.

Or this one.

Birth and Death Information from Missouri
Many of my ancestors settled in Missouri. The Missouri Secretary of State's office maintains an archive of searchable birth and death records pre- and post-1910 (through 1959), here.

Ever wonder how the weather affected your ancestors?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintains historic weather data from 1872 through 2008 at this website.

Disasters in History
And how about those disasters - either natural or manmade?

Look for articles about those in a searchable database here.

Rotating Census Maps
Maybe it wasn't your relatives that moved, it was the counties that did.
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