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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2013-08-24 09:53 am
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Not feeling so virtuous...

They say patience is a virtue. If so, then I'm not so virtuous. I also haven't mastered that thing about becoming more patient as you get older.

Right now, I am waiting on several phone calls and emails to connect some more dots in three [different] family trees I research.

Although I am not feeling very patient, there is one thing I've learned over the last decade of shakin' the family tree.

If I gather up several different requests and spend an evening emailing, filling out forms and mailing them with $10 checks, then I'll get a consistent dribble of responses over a period of weeks.

And the neat ones that yield certificates and land deeds, or detailed information about who is buried in that cemetery with that surname will make up for the ones that say...

I'm sorry but we couldn't find the record you were looking for. Thanks for the $10.

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